The much-anticipated new Matrix movie The Matrix Resurrections has just dropped in cinemas.

It’s the fourth instalment in the Wachowski’s Sci-Fi/Action franchise and it’s already had some great reviews from fans.

In the film, Keanu Reeves reprises his role as Thomas Anderson, better known as Neo, who follow the white rabbit once more.

After watching the film, fans have been left confused about the actor’s multiple hairstyles. Did Keanu shave his hair for the movie?

The Matrix Resurrections | Official Trailer 2 | HBO Max

The Matrix Resurrections | Official Trailer 2 | HBO Max

Keanu Reeves shaves head for Matrix 4

If you’ve seen the original Matrix movie, you’ll know that Neo is known for his short, shaven hair.

However, in the latest Matrix movie, Keanu decided to keep his long, dark locks which he is known for. Well, for some of the film as least.

When Neo is in The Matrix, his hair is long. However, when he is in the ‘real world’ in the new movie, his hair is shaved.

To solve everyone’s confusion, yes, Keanu did shave his head for the movie.

In October 2020, the actor was spotted walking around Berlin, Germany, where The Matrix was being filmed, with a striking buzzcut.

He was clearly asked to shave his hair to reprise his role as Neo, and his shoulder-length locks were gone… but not for long.

Photo by Steve Jennings/Getty Images

It grew back for the premiere

On December 18th, celebrities hit the red carpet in San Francisco for the official The Matrix Resurrections premiere.

Well, it was actually a green carpet, but the likes of Jaden Smith, Madelyn Cline and Priyanka Chopra were all there to watch the new movie.

Also in attendance was Keanu Reeves, of course, who wore a Brunello Cucinelli suit and striped tie.

He also sported his signature John Wick shoulder length hair again. But didn’t he just shave his head?

Well, in the 14 months between October 2020 and December 2021, his hair has clearly grown back.

We’d like to think it’s a wig, but that hairline looks pretty convincing. What hair products are you using Keanu? We need some.

Fans love his buzz cut

Over on Twitter, fans love the return of Keanu’s shaven hair.

One person wrote: “Keanu Reeves with buzzed hair *chef’s kiss*.”

“It’s good to see Keanu Reeves without the long hair and beard. he ages gracefully,” said another.

A third person added: “Keanu Reeves’ shaved head gets 2 thumbs up.”