Tokyo Revengers fans are digesting the news on season 2, after the Christmas Conflict Arc is confirmed to be in production at Jump Festa 2022.

Aside from the mega-franchise that is My Hero Academia and its fifth anime season, the most popular series from the Spring and Summer broadcasting slates was undoubtedly Tokyo Revengers.

The time-travelling anime may not have been ‘hard-hitting’ in the same sense as many other titles, but the Toman Gang certainly know how to handle themselves in a fight.

Tokyo Revengers concluded its debut season on September 18th for premium users, with the finale launching for free on September 25th.

However, new information shared at the Jump Festa 2022 event in Japan has shed new light on season 2 of Tokyo Revengers.

Tokyo Revengers | OFFICIAL TRAILER

Tokyo Revengers | OFFICIAL TRAILER

Has Tokyo Revengers been renewed for season 2?

It’s fantastic news for fans of the Tokyo Revengers anime, the hit series has been renewed for season 2.

Confirmation came today, December 18th, when it was revealed at the Jump Festa 2022 event that the Christmas Conflict Arc was in production.

However, not many fans will have been too surprised by the announcement, with optimism surrounding the series’ future based on the popularity and available source material to Tokyo Revengers.

Crunchyroll may not share their viewership statistics for simulcast titles, but it’s not particularly difficult to see how popular Toman are around the world. More than 337,000 viewers have given their ratings to Tokyo Revengers season 1 on MyAnimeList, culminating in an excellent 8.25/10 score.

Similarly, season 1 has not adapted the entirety of the original manga that it’s based upon, with the series still releasing new volumes and chapters.

Season 1 episode 24 adapted roughly up until volume 8 chapter 73 of the manga series. The good news for fans is that, at the time of writing, 25 volumes and 235 chapters have been published in Japan – meaning that there should be enough source material for at least two more anime seasons!

Interestingly, there had already been reports that season 2 was already in production circulating online. This was because the talent management company for Tatsuhisa Suzuki (Draken) told Yahoo News Japan that “production of the second season of the anime has already started.”

When could Tokyo Revengers season 2 release?

Whilst every fan of Tokyo Revengers will welcome the news that the Christmas Conflict Arc is being adapted, a release date for season 2 was unfortunately not shared.

The anime series was announced in June 2020 and premiered in April 2021, indicating a roughly nine-month production cycle. The good news is that work on a potential second season will benefit from the immediate availability of source material, which can so often be the reason why an anime gets shelved.

Considering the production timeline from the first instalment and the availability of source material, season 2 could therefore air as soon as June 2022 on the Summer anime slate.

How to read the manga…

If you can’t possibly wait for season 2 of the Tokyo Revengers anime, you can check out the original and ongoing manga series instead.

24 volumes have currently been published in Japanese, with 22 of those also being available in English.

Kodansha currently provides access to the series through Comixology, INKR, INKYPEN, Kindle and Mangamo.

A new mobile game announced…

The final announcement from the Jump Festa 2022 event was that a mobile video game based on Tokyo Revengers is in the works.

The official statement did not reveal any information about a potential storyline for the game, but did feature the ‘Chibi’ versions of the main Toman gang.

A link was also shared, which takes users to the ‘Tokyo Revengers Game’ website.

There, a countdown is listed, which presumably is for the games eventual release; roughly set for mid-June 2022.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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