Kathryn Foxfield

Kathryn Foxfield’s novel Good Girl’s Die First was published in 2020 and was the bestselling YA debut of the year. A year later, she was scaring readers all over again with It’s Behind You.

With Good Girl’s Die First released in the US earlier this month, we sat down for a chat about both books and more.

Could you please tell us a bit about your books Good Girls Die First and It’s Behind You

Both books are YA thrillers with a supernatural horror vibe. In Good Girls Die First, 10 teenagers are blackmailed to a derelict carnival pier by a guilt-eating creature who intends to pit them against each other until only 1 remains.

It’s Behind You is about a reality TV show set in a haunted cave that goes horribly wrong when someone starts killing the contestants.

You have spoken about the importance of place in your books. Which fictional location (in film or literature) do you wish you had created?

I love the overcrowded weirdness of China Mieville’s settings. The Scar is set on a floating city made up of thousands of chips interlinked into a vast and impossible island. 

Kathryn Foxfield

What is the ‘hidden gem’ horror movie you feel doesn’t get the love it deserves?


What is the first piece of fiction you ever remember writing? 

When I was about 10, I wrote a book called Piggy Stout and his Twenty Children about a man who gave birth to 20 kids and formed a football team. The less said about it, the better.

What is the biggest lesson you have learned in your writing career to date?

Perseverance is the most important skill a writer can possess. There is so much luck involved in this industry. 

Which song would be the perfect soundtrack to Good Girls Die First’s opening scene and It’s Behind You’s closing scene?

Good Girls Die First would be Halsey’s Control and It’s Behind You would be Wolf Alice’s Last Man on Earth. 

Good Girls Die First and It’s Behind You are both avaialble to buy now. You can purchase from Waterstones here, Bookshop.org here and all other good retails outlets.

Good Girl’s Die First is also now available in the US and you can buy it from Barnes & Noble here.