On the internet, politicians are often victims of viral memes.

From Bernie Sanders at Biden’s Inauguration to Donald Trump’s tiny desk, memes about politicians never fail to make social media users laugh.

Meme-ing politicians certainly isn’t a new thing either. It’s been happening since the dawn of time. Well, the dawn of the internet anyway.

One 2014 meme involving British ex-prime minister Tony Blair has re-emerged this week and it’s still just as funny as it was almost a decade ago.

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Tony Blair released a Christmas card in 2014

Back in 2014, British Labour politician Tony Blair released a Christmas card as he did every year, unaware of what was about to come next.

Politicians often take photos of themselves and their family and turn it into a Christmas card to send to all their associates.

It’s a pretty normal tradition amongst politicians, so Blair posed with his wife Cherie in front of a window and thought nothing more of it.

A photo editor then added a ‘Seasons Greetings’ message in the top left-hand corner and it was sent to all their friends.

It became a viral meme

When a photo of the Christmas card was posted online, social media users were in hysterics.

People quickly began pointing out that the politician looked really awkward, standing there with a bizarre grimace on his face.

When you glance at Cherie, she looks just as startled, standing there with her hand awkwardly on Blair’s chest.

The Christmas card went viral and became one of the most hilarious memes of the year as people reacted to its stiffness.

A Very British Scandal | Trailer

A Very British Scandal | Trailer

Twitter users react to the Christmas card

People on Twitter were in stitches over Blair and Cherie’s poses.

It reminded people of Chandler Bing’s awkward engagement photos in Friends.

Everyone agreed it was pretty bad.

Need to see the outtakes.

Seems like this is what they were saying.

It’s so scary it can be used for Halloween too.

Wow, that’s really saying something.

So bad but so good.

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