The crime drama series, Joe Pickett, debuted on Spectrum in the US on December 6, 2021, and up ahead, we explore where the series was filmed and the locations that brought this gritty thriller to life.

Created by John Erick Dowdle and Drew Dowdle, Joe Pickett sees the titular game warden and his family navigate the economic collapse and political storm within their small, rural town and fans already think it is a worthy addition to the neo-western genre.

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When was Joe Pickett filmed?

The first season of Joe Pickett began filming in May 2021 and reportedly wrapped in September 2021.

While the first season picks up steam with its newly appointed fan base, Spectrum has still to announce if the narrative will continue into a second season.

Where was Joe Pickett filmed?

Joe Pickett was primarily filmed in Canada, particularly within the province of Alberta.

The show is based in the real-life community of Saddlestring, Wyoming, however, the creators of the show opted to shoot in Canada for budgetary reasons.

The beautiful expanse of Canada is also a big selling point to productions, to provide shows with scenic landscapes as a backdrop to the drama in the foreground.

Additionally filming also took place in Cochrane, Alberta, including the local Cochrane RancheHouse.

Located west of Calgary, the crew used Cochrane as a key location for filming the series.

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Calgary, Alberta

The Joe Pickett crew used Calgary as a production base whilst shooting in the mountainous ranges of Alberta.

The MacLeod Trail within High River was also used as a location of interest while filming.

Not only is Alberta bustling as the route of the oil industry in Canada, but the province is also becoming a frequented filming location by many productions.

By Jo Craig – [email protected]

Catch new episodes of Joe Pickett Mondays on Spectrum.

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