After season 4 began with the Duttons reeling from the attempted assassination attempt that left John in hospital, the biggest story on Yellowstone this year has been the long-running feud between Lloyd and Walker.

The squabble has been running for a number of episodes and culminated in the sixth instalment with the pair being ordered to fight until they both had no fight left in them.

But just why does Lloyd hate Walker in Yellowstone, what was the cause of their brutal feud?

Yellowstone | Season 4 Official Trailer | Paramount Network

Yellowstone | Season 4 Official Trailer | Paramount Network

Why does Lloyd hate Walker in Yellowstone season 4?

Lloyd dislikes Walker after the latter arrived and won the affections of Laramie.

In season 3, barrel racers Mia and Laramie arrive at the Yellowstone Ranch and Laramie quickly sets her sights on Lloyd, flirting with him from their first meeting.

Lloyd knows that they aren’t really each other’s type, “she ain’t even 25 years old” he tells Jimmy, but he still ends up falling for her.

However, when Walker returns to Yellowstone in season 3’s penultimate episode, he immediately turns Laramie’s head and she quickly focuses all of her attention on him instead of Lloyd.

Lloyd is left hugely jealous as Laramie throws herself at Walker and the situation isn’t helped by Lloyd and Walker constantly bickering.

Unsurprisingly, the whole situation got very messy with the feud coming to a head in season 4’s sixth episode.

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Lloyd and Walker’s feud culminates in episode 6

Despite being a senior ranch hand at Yellowstone, Lloyd finds himself on the wrong side of John and Rip in season 4 after starting a fight with Walker in episode 4.

This led to some harsh treatment from Rip in episode 5 as he looked to make an example out of Lloyd.

However, the old-timer didn’t seem to learn his lesson and in episode 6, he snaps and smashes Walker’s guitar before stabbing him in the shoulder.

Rather than taking him to the Train Station, John agrees to give Lloyd one last chance but says that he and Walker must fight until there is no fight left in either of them.

The fight between Lloyd and Walker was a brutal one and with the pair battered and bruised, there was one final sting in the tail as Rip entered the pen and continued to beat Lloyd after he edged the fight with Walker.

However, their feud now looks to be at an end as Lloyd can be seen helping Walker to his feet after the bloody punch-up while John also ordered that there will be “no more girls in the bunkhouse.”

However, while this means that Mia and Laramie are no longer around to cause trouble, Teeter is also forced to leave despite doing nothing wrong.

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Fans react to brutal episode 6 fight

The fight between Lloyd and Walker in episode 6 is one of the most brutal we’ve seen so far in Yellowstone and fans have wasted no time in taking to social media to offer up their thoughts.

One fan on Twitter wrote: “”I knew Lloyd & Walker’s relationship had reached a boiling point but DAMN!!!”

While another fan added: “I hated this storyline for Lloyd. It was beneath him. I’m glad they got those two girls out (Mia and the blonde), they had no business there. However Teeter better keep her job!”

And finally, this fan discussed Walker’s ability to fight after being stabbed: “The shot the Vet gave Walker gave him healing powers. Walker was able to fight and tumble the next day.”

“You see the spot bleeding profusely, and that he’s in a lot of pain fighting, and that it caused him trouble. That’s probably why he lost before Lloyd did,” wrote another fan in reply.

Season 4 of Yellowstone continues weekly on Sundays at 8/7c on Paramount Network.

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