Is Teeter leaving Yellowstone? Fate of Jen Landon’s character explored

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*WARNING: Spoilers ahead for Yellowstone season 4, episode 6*

The cutthroat world we explore in Paramount Network’s Yellowstone is rarely fair despite the best intentions of John Dutton and co.

In season 4’s sixth episode, that statement rang true once again as the fates of several characters were left up in the air, most notably Jen Landon’s Teeter, whose future on the Dutton Ranch has been thrown into doubt.

The developments of episode 6 have left many fans asking if Teeter could be leaving Yellowstone for good through no fault of her own.

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Yellowstone season 4, episode 6 recap

Episode 6 of Yellowstone season 4 aired on Parmount Network on December 5th, 2021.

Titled I Want to Be Him, the episode began with a tense encounter between Beth and Summer the protester after the latter had spent the night with John while Jamie finally learned the truth about who called the hit on the Duttons, it was his father Garrett Randall.

Meanwhile, life in Texas was not getting any easier for Jimmy as Kayce and Monica faced a new obstacle in the process of getting their new ranch which also saw a reunion with Avery.

After weeks of tense build-up, Lloyd and Walker’s feud came to a bloody crescendo as Lloyd stormed into the bunkhouse, smashed up Walker’s guitar and proceeded to stab him in the shoulder.

This went above and beyond the ‘no fighting’ rule and it left John with no choice but to intervene.

As well as invoking new rules for the bunkhouse, John ordered that Lloyd and Walker were to fight until there was no more fight left in them.

What followed was one of the most brutal punch-ups we’ve seen on Yellowstone and after Lloyd just about edged the fight, Rip entered the pen to make an example out of the last man standing.

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Is Teeter leaving Yellowstone?

In episode 6, Teeter and the other women working at the Yellowstone Ranch were fired and told to pack up and leave.

The shocking development came after John ordered that there will be “no more girls in the bunkhouse” after the recent feud between Lloyd and Walker over Laramie.

When Rip asked about Teeter, who had caused no trouble and was one of the hardest workers on the ranch, John simply replied “All of them.”

The news comes as a huge blow to Teeter, who had previously taken the Yellowstone brand to show her loyalty, as she remarks that she’s done nothing wrong.

However, while her future at the ranch looks to be over for now, it’s unclear if that means Teeter will depart the Yellowstone series for good as actress Jen Landon has yet to comment on the events in episode 6.

As we’ve already seen in season 4, Jimmy has found a new home on the 6666 Ranch in Texas despite leaving the Yellowstone Ranch itself, leaving many to wonder if a similar fate could be in store for Teeter as well.

Although, actress Jen Landon has recently taken on a recurring role in the CBS series FBI: Most Wanted which could be a contributing factor behind her departure if she really is gone for good.

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Fans react to Teeter’s treatment

It’s safe to say that Yellowstone fans are not best pleased with Teeter’s potential fate, with many pointing out that the ranch hand had done nothing wrong.

One fan on Twitter wrote: “Teeter didn’t do anything! LET HER STAY!! #YellowstoneTV @Yellowstone

While another added: “Teeter needs to STAY! She wears the brand Y Teeter needs to STAY! She wears the brand Y 😠”

This fan pointed out that the trouble only started once the barrel racers arrived: “Teeter wears the brand & they let her go? Bunkhouse was fine until the barrel racers came in. I can see pushing them out, but Teeter almost lost her life for the ranch in the beatdown; She has always been loyal to the Ranch. @TheJenLandon #BringTeeterBack #TaylorSheridan

And finally, this fan wrote: “Getting Mia & Laramie out of the bunkhouse was long overdue, but that’d better not be the end of Teeter! @Yellowstone @TheJenLandon

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Season 4 of Yellowstone continues weekly on Sundays at 8/7c on Paramount Network.

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