The Bath & Body Works candle sale is here. Here’s everything you need to know about the annual event, from start time to prices.

Christmas 2021 is fast approaching and many people are still about to do their annual festive shopping.

If you haven’t done your shopping yet or are just starting now, Bath & Body Works has an amazing candle sale this weekend.

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When is Bath & Body Works 2021 candle sale?

The online Candle Day event starts at 6 am ET on Friday, December 3rd.

If you head to Bath & Body Works’ website now, the following message might pop up:

“We know you’re excited to shop our $10.25 3-Wick Candles, so we’ve saved you a place in line to make your experience as seamless as possible. Feel free to wait here—we’ll redirect you to the website when it’s your turn.

“If you leave this page or would rather wait for an email, you’ll have 10 minutes to enter the event before your place in line expires.”

The online sale is here until supplies last, while the in-store sale will be here for two days, from Friday, December 3rd until Saturday, December 4th.

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What candles are on offer?

Bath & Body Works said that the sale includes over 150 candles such including holiday scents like The Perfect Christmas and Fresh Balsam.

Plus, there will be 45 brand new candles such as ‘Tis The Season, Frosted Cranberry, Tree Farm, Vanilla Bean Noel, Wintry Wonders, and others.

Customers can buy up to 18 candles as part of the sale.

The chain said that their stores will be open early on Friday on Saturday so you should head out early if you want to grab candles this year.

Customers react to the sale

A number of customers are up and early for the sale and have been discussing Bath & Body Works’ sale on Twitter.

“Early bird gets the candle sale at bath and body works,” tweeted one person.

Did I set an alarm to make sure I wouldn’t miss the Bath and Body Works candle sale? Yes. I did,” wrote another one.

“Didn’t sleep well— woke up every 45 minutes dreaming about Bath and Body works candle day,” reacted someone else.

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