Since it first arrived on our screens, Money Heist – aka. La Casa De Papel – has become one of Netflix’s biggest shows and until the arrival of Squid Game, was the streaming service’s most-watched non-English language series.

Season 5 of the hit show premiered back in September but agonisingly for fans, it was split into two parts, leaving viewers on a dramatic cliffhanger ending.

Now, however, Money Heist is returning to Netflix for season 5, volume 2 but just when is the release time of the new episodes and how many chapters will there be in total?

Money Heist: Part 5 Vol. 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Money Heist: Part 5 Vol. 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Money Heist season 5 volume 1 recap

Season 5 of Money Heist premiered on Netflix with volume 1 back on September 3rd, 2021.

The season began just as the fourth instalment ended, with the main heist crew trapped in the Bank of Spain.

Matters take an even more troubling turn when the army arrives on the scene, keeping the besieged bank under lockdown and offering no chance of escape.

Meanwhile, the Professor finds himself face-to-face with Alicia Sierra as the rogue police officer finds and captures him, hoping to extract information about the heist.

However, the two appear to become unexpected allies as the Professor helps to deliver Alicia’s baby while the new mother is declared wanted by the police for going rogue. But as volume 1 ends, there are still questions looming about her true allegiance.

All of this culminates in all-out war at the bank as the army storms the building, leaving the heist crew looking desperately for an exit.

While the majority of the crew manages to slip away in a service lift, Helsinki is badly wounded and Tokyo is killed, heroically sacrificing herself so that her comrades can escape.


Money Heist season 5 volume 2 release time and plot

Volume 2 of Money Heist season 5 arrives on Netflix on Friday, December 3rd and will be released at midnight Pacific Time in the US.

Like most Netflix releases, Money Heist’s fifth season will be released around the world at the same time which translates to:

  • 12am PT in the US
  • 3am ET in the US
  • 8am GMT in the UK
  • 9am CET in Europe
  • 1:30pm IST in India
  • 7pm AEDT in Sydney, Australia

No details about the plot of volume 2 have been revealed by Netflix but after the previous instalment, the new episodes should finally reveal if the remaining crew members manage to escape from the Bank of Spain in one piece.

While the fate of the heist crew hangs in the balance, so too does the life of the Professor as the scheming Alicia Sierra could still betray him.


How many episodes are in volume 2?

Volume 2 of Money Heist season 5 will consist of just five episodes.

That’s because the full season of 10 episodes has been split into two parts by Netflix.

The first five episodes dropped back on September 3rd while the second half of the season will release on December 3rd, 2021.

Ahead of the new season’s release, Netflix unveiled the titles for the final five episodes in season 5.

  • Escape Valve | Válvulas de escape
  • Wishful Thinking | Ciencia ilusionada
  • The Theory of Elegance | La teoría de la elegancia
  • Pillow Talk | Lo que se habla en la cama
  • A Family Tradition | Una tradición familiar

Sadly for fans of La Casa De Papel, season 5 has been confirmed as Money Heist’s final instalment, meaning that once part 2 releases in December, it will bring an end to the series for good.

Although, it was confirmed in November 2021 that a spin-off series focusing on the character Berlin is due to arrive in 2023.


Volume 2 of Money Heist season 5 arrives on Netflix on December 3rd, 2021.

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