LeBron James has been asked to follow the NBA health and safety protocols, which is why he missed the Los Angeles Lakers’ game against the Sacramento Kings. This has many wondering if the NBA star was vaccinated for COVID-19.

A tweet by NBA writer and analyst Shams Charania states, “Lakers star LeBron James will be sidelined for at least 10 days, or unless he returns two negative test results in 24 hours moving forward, sources tell @[email protected]

However, it hasn’t been confirmed if the Lakers star has tested positive for the coronavirus.

Is LeBron James vaccinated?

Even though LeBron said he was initially “skeptical’ about receiving the vaccinations for COVID-19, he revealed on Lakers’ media day in September that he has been vaccinated.

“I know that I was very skeptical about it all. But after doing my research and things of that nature, I felt like it was best suited, not only for me but for my family and my friends. And that’s why I decided to do it,” the NBA star had said.

When asked if he felt the need to promote the vaccine after his own experience, he said he wouldn’t get “involved in what other people should do with their bodies and their livelihoods.”

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What happens if a player tests positive?

According to ESPN, if a player tests positive for COVID-19, they will be placed in isolation for a minimum of 10 days, away from his team and without any physical activity.

The player will have to undergo a cardiac screening after a certain period of time and reconditioning before being cleared to return to the court.

A player who has tested positive can also clear protocol by returning two negative PCR tests within 24 hours.

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Lakers coach comments on NBA star’s absence

Lakers coach Frank Vogel told during a pre-game interview on Tuesday, November 30, 2021, that not having LeBron is a “huge loss”.

“It’s disappointing. We just want the best for him right now. That’s where our thoughts are. And we have a next-man-up mindset,’ he said.

He further added: “Hopefully this is something that’s short term. We’ll see.”

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