As December approaches, music lovers are taking to social media to share their most listened to artists and playlist throughout the year.

While Spotify Wrapped may be taking over your Instagram Stories, Apple Music actually has a similar feature for uses of that platform, called Apple Replay.

Here is everything you need to know…

How to see your Apple Music Replay

Unlike Spotify Wrapped, Apple Replay is actually available all year round, however listeners tend to view it at December as this is the end of the year.

To see your Apple Music Replay 2021, head over to Here, you can sign in to your Apple Music account and access your Apple Music listening data.

Apple Music Replay shows users their total listening time for the year, as well as a playlist of your top 100 songs listened to, your top artists, and your top albums.

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Another fabulous feature of Apple Music Replay is being able to add your Replay playlist to your Apple Music library.

Hilarious Twitter reactions to Apple Music Replay

Spotify vs Apple Music has been an online debate which has gone on since the apps were launched. Now that it is December and Spotify Wrapped has been released, people have continued the argument. Some people have taken the side of Apple Music Replay, whilst others are adamant that Spotify Wrapped is superior.

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