Dead By Daylight has been announced for Amazon Prime Gaming this December and the DBD rewards you will be able to claim have been revealed.

DBD fans have a very exciting month ahead of them as the annual Winter event is scheduled to start soon. This will come with a bunch of ugly sweaters to wear and there will be more festive in-game decorations.

While the Christmas celebrations will begin relatively soon, fans should be able to bag some neat goodies before then.

Dead by Daylight | Portrait of a Murder | Announcement Trailer

Dead by Daylight | Portrait of a Murder | Announcement Trailer

DBD Prime Gaming rewards

The Dead By Daylight Amazon Prime Gaming rewards include two rare outfits for new killer The Artist.

In order to bag these cosmetics, you will need to buy the Portrait of a Murderer Chapter 22 DLC to play as Carmina Mora. The skins haven’t been revealed but they were announced on the subscription service’s YouTube video for December 2021.

Aside from skins, DBD Leaks also claims that users will get 500 Auric Cells. This hasn’t been confirmed but the source has been right about almost everything before.

When does Dead By Daylight join Amazon Prime Gaming?

Dead By Daylight joins Amazon Prime Gaming in December 2021.

It is not on the platform as of yet and this has caused some confusion online because DBD Leaks said the Auric Cells offer would begin on November 30th. However, Amazon has confirmed its arrival so it’s simply a waiting game.

Invision says The Artist skin will be available from December 10th, but this hasn’t been confirmed by BeHaviour as of writing.

How to claim rewards

You will need to sign up for £7.99 per month to claim any and all rewards. If you haven’t subscribed in the past, you will be able to enjoy a 30-days free trial.

Once you are subscribed and the goodies become available, you will be able to redeem them through the in-game store via code. This is a process similar to other titles like Genshin Impact.

Seeing as BeHaviour Interactive’s title isn’t available yet, we’d recommend waiting until it arrives. We will update this article when more rewards are revealed.