The release date and time countdown for when Dead By Daylight will come out on the Epic Games store is almost over and DBD is only free temporarily.

We’re in the month of Christmas and December is very exciting for Dead By Daylight fans. New killer The Artist and survivor Jonah Vasquez have just launched, and the annual Winter event is happening soon according to leaks.

The return of ugly sweaters in-game is always exciting, but – before then – the game will become available to even more people via EG.

Dead by Daylight | Portrait of a Murder | Announcement Trailer

Dead by Daylight | Portrait of a Murder | Announcement Trailer

What time does Dead By Daylight come out on the Epic Games store?

The release date and time for when Dead By Daylight will come out on the Epic Games store is 08:00 PT, 11:00 ET, and 16:00 GMT on December 2nd.

None of the above hours have been announced for DBD by BeHaviour Interactive on Twitter, but it’s when the free promotion ends for Antstream and Call of the Wild. Thus it’s also when they will be replaced.

Alongside the horror juggernaut, the other present is While True Learn. This is a unique puzzle game in which you must build a cat-to-human translation system.

And it comes with adorable costumes for the kitty with winks to video games such as The Witcher and Assassin’s Creed.

How to get DBD for free on Epic Games

You can only get Dead By Daylight for free from the Epic Games store between December 2nd and 9th.

Claiming the game will allow you to keep it forever, but – although free – you will still need to spend considerable money to get the best game possible. This is because only the base game is becoming available for the cost of nothing.

While the base game is merely fine, what makes DBD special is all of its crossovers and collaborations. You will need to buy the DLC to enjoy characters such as Ghostface, Leatherface, and pieface (a.k.a. Ash from Ash Vs. Evil Dead), as well as video game royalty such as Pyramid Head and Nemesis.

All DLCs available will join the Epic Games store including the new Portrait of a Murderer with The Artist. There’s also more expensive packages such as the Ultimate and Silent Hill editions for which no price has been revealed as of writing.

Check out BeHaviour’s Epic Games store announcement post for more information.


Since the base game is joining EGS for the cost of nothing, BeHaviour Interactive is rewarding existing owners with a huge 50% off sale for select DLC.

This is available for PlayStation, Xbox, and Steam where it ends on December 7th. It’s also available on Nintendo Switch where there’s also 50% off select characters with the promotion ending on December 14th.

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