The Netflix drama, True Story, arrived on the streaming platform November 24, 2021, starring Kevin Hart and Wesley Snipes in the lead roles. Up ahead, we explore where the series was filmed and the gritty locations that brought this drama to life.

Created by Eric Newman and starring Paul Adelstein, Billy Zane, Lauren London, and more, True Story follows a well-known comedian who gets caught up in a family drama while on one of his tours.

Despite its title, the events of True Story are not based on real happenings, it was confirmed that a majority of the series is largely fictionalized.

True Story | Official Trailer | Netflix

True Story | Official Trailer | Netflix

When was True Story filmed?

Filming for True Story reportedly began in late January 2021 and no sources suggest that the production was affected by any pandemic-related delays.

It was announced in December 2020 that Hart and Snipes would star as leads in the series.

As it is billed as a miniseries, it is not expected that True Story will return for a second season.

Where was True Story filmed?

True Story was filmed on location in various areas belonging to the United States.

The series was primarily filmed in the state of Pennsylvania, with some filming occurring in Los Angeles, California.

Image from Netflix Media Center.

Pittsburgh and Philidelphia, Pennsylvania

A large amount of filming was set in the state of Pennsylvania, with the crew setting up a base in Pittsburgh – a large, built-up city sitting at the confluence of the Allegheny River.

As Pennsylvania is Kevin Hart’s home state, the actor was delighted to return for filming.

Despite most of the filming taking place indoors, the industrial skyline and surrounding rivers were still on show during a few establishing shots in the series.

Alternatively, most of the exterior shots took place in Philadelphia – known as Pennsylvania’s largest city.

A few locations of interest in the series include the Four Seasons Hotel and the Wells Fargo Stadium – home to the Philadelphia Flyers.

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True Story is available to stream on Netflix.

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