The release date and start time for the Sea of Thieves Season 5 maintenance update is almost here and it comes with a new Plunder Pass full of booty rewards.

Although the game has always been popular since its launch, 2021 has arguably been its best year yet thanks to the Pirates of the Caribbean crossover with Davy Jones and the greatest pirate the world has ever seen, Captain Jack Sparrow.

We are currently in the final days of its fourth chapter and plenty is on the horizon as we enter the month of Christmas.

Sea of Thieves | Noble Spartan Sails Reveal Trailer

Sea of Thieves | Noble Spartan Sails Reveal Trailer

What time does Sea of Thieves Season 5 start?

The release date for Sea of Thieves Season 5 is December 2nd and the maintenance update will start at the time of 02:00 PT, 05:00 ET, and 10:00 GMT.

Maintenance and downtime usually lasts a couple of hours only so expect the fifth chapter in the game’s 2021 saga to begin about 04:00 PT, 07:00 ET, and 12:00 GMT.

The maintenance hours have been confirmed on Twitter.

Sea of Thieves Season 5 Plunder Pass

Sea of Thieves Season 5 will come with a whole new Plunder Pass full of rewards for scallywags to capture.

If you choose not to pay for the premium pass, you will be able to unlock 100 levels and items of goodies. And, seeing as it’s the month of Christmas, some of these freebies include a mistletoe fishing rod and snow globe lantern.

There’s also a Bell Brigade clothing set dyed red and green, and there will be gold soils, ancient coins, and plenty more. Buying the Premium Plunder Pass will give you an additional 14 rewards to unlock.

It will cost you £10 and it includes the Creeping Gold Skin, Boreal Aurora ship cosmetic set, he Sand Angel emote, and 750 Ancient coins. You can find out more about these rewards in the content update video.

Other content

Aside from the Plunder Pass rewards, Rare’s forthcoming update will also add quality of life improvements and other additions.

One of the quality of life improvements is the ability to bury your treasure and dig it out. Where you bury your booty will also be marked on your treasure map so you can easily reclaim it when the coast is clear. If you don’t want the treasure, you could add the map to the quest board for other players to hunt down.

While the above is exciting, the update will also add new cannon rowboats and firework crates. And, for those who enjoy sleeping, beds will also be added to regenerate your health.