After months of freedom, a new Covid variant has brought a whole host of new restrictions around the world.

The variant, which has been named ‘Omicron’, was first detected in Botswana and has been classified by WHO as being “of concern”.

Boris Johnson announced a list of new measures to try and combat the virus on Saturday following fears that the mutation is more transmissible, has a higher risk of re-infection.

There are also reports that vaccines could be less effective against it, so things like Day 2 PCR tests when returning from abroad and mask-wearing in shops have been re-introduced in Britain.

The increase in Covid cases is happening at exactly the same time as in 2020, and everyone’s favourite holiday, Christmas, is being threatened once again.

On the internet, a funny meme is going viral that says the name of the variant, ‘Omicron’, predicts that Christmas 2021 will be doomed…

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‘Omicron B’ and ‘No Crimbo’ meme goes viral

This week, a meme has been flooding Twitter, Instagram and Facebook that predicts the world’s Christmas fate.

The meme says that the phrase ‘Omicron B’ is an anagram of ‘No Crimbo’ and if you look at the letters carefully, it’s actually true!

If you rearrange the letters of ‘Omicron B’ is really does make the words ‘No Crimbo’, so the name of the new variant literally tells us that Christmas 2021 is about to be doomed.

In case you’re confused, ‘Crimbo’ is slang word for ‘Christmas’, so we’re literally about to get ‘no Christmas’ according to the mutation’s name. Great!

Will Boris plunge the UK into yet another Christmas lockdown? Please no.

The ‘B’ is irrelevant

The meme says that ‘Omicron B’ is an anagram of ‘No Crimbo’, but where does the ‘B’ come from?

No, ‘Omicron B’ isn’t actually the name of the variant, it’s just ‘Omicron’.

Someone just added the ‘B’ so that it makes the phrase ‘No Crimbo’ when the letters are rearranged.

Wait, so ‘Omicron’ doesn’t actually spell ‘No Crimbo’? Does that mean Christmas is saved now? We sure hope so.

Black Friday | Official Trailer

Black Friday | Official Trailer

Twitter reacts to the meme

Over on Twitter, Brits are reacting to the viral anagram.

One person wrote: “When the general public finds out that Omicron B is an anagram of ‘No Crimbo’ all hell’s going to break loose.”

“Is no one gonna say anything about this OMRICON B being an Anagram of NO CRIMBO😂🙈🎅,” said another.

A third person joked: “Oh look ‘OMRICON’ nearly spells NO CRIMBO…. So we need to randomly add a ‘B’ at the end to make it work.”

Boris Johnson is still insisting that there are no plans to impose a Christmas lockdown, but the public isn’t so sure.

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