The Halo Infinite campaign review embargo date has leaked and disappointing news for fans already is that co-op story mode won’t arrive until 2022.

Fans are massively excited for the return of Master Chief and everyone has been playing 343’s online companion. The online title has been spoiled as of late thanks to cheaters, but fans have enjoyed it with many preferring it to CoD Vanguard and Battlefield 2042.

While the free-to-play online component is fun despite the presence of cheaters, soon single-player enthusiasts will be able to live Master Chief’s newest story.

Halo Infinite | Fracture: Tenrai Launch Trailer

Halo Infinite | Fracture: Tenrai Launch Trailer

When is the Halo Infinite review embargo?

The leaked Halo Infinite campaign review embargo date is December 6th.

This comes courtesy of Nextgen_ishere on Twitter who claims that final impressions of the story will be published at 00:00 PT, 03:00 ET, and 08:00 GMT. None of this is official, but the leaker is often reliable as they have been accurate with preview and review embargoes in the past such as with FIFA 22, Far Cry 6, and Guardians of the Galaxy.

Although final impressions won’t arrive for awhile yet, there are hands-on previews available to read. In addition, you can also find early access let’s plays on YouTube with people showcasing the intro/first mission.

Release date

Microsoft’s release date for the story and campaign is December 8th.

Unlike the free-to-play multiplayer spin-off, you will need to pay to experience Master Chief’s return. With that said, you technically will get it for free if you are subscribed to Xbox Game Pass.

It’s always worth subscribing to Game Pass as it has dozens of fantastic titles already including new releases such as Psychonauts 2 and Forza Horizon 5. December will also see the arrival of Among Us and Evil Geniuses 2.

However, if for some reason you’d rather not subscribe to Game Pass, you can pre-order the story now for £54.99.

Halo Infinite co-op delay

Co-op for the Halo Infinite story has been delayed and it’s not expected to arrive until at least May 2022.

This is also when season 1 of the online multiplayer title will end. As if that wasn’t disappointing enough, Forge isn’t expected until season 3 and there’s no indication of when that will arrive next year.

In other news, DBD mid-chapter 22.5 release date and leaked skins