Another DNF Duel trailer has released and Arc System Works have announced a bevy of characters and classes from Dungeon Fighter Online.

Fans of fighting games and DFO are extremely excited for this spin-off. Not only because of how popular the Dungeon Fighter series is, but also because it’s developed by Arc System Works who are responsible for great fighting games such as Guilty Gear Strive, BlazBlue, and Persona 4 Arena.

There’s no indication of when it will come out as of yet, but fans are happy to see its reemergence.

DNF Duel|Official Trailer

DNF Duel|Official Trailer

DNF Duel Dungeon Fighter Online characters

The DNF Duel characters are classes from Dungeon Fighter Online.

There are eight base classes in DFO with 16 overall as they are distinguished by male and female. And each of these fighter-types also have advancements with the total number over 60.

Only five characters have been revealed for Arc System Works’ fighter as of writing, but they are each an advancement of the base types.


Below are all the DNF Duel classes and characters that have been revealed so far:

  • Female Inquisitor – (F) Priest advancement
  • Female Striker – (F) Fighter advancement
  • Male Berserker – (M) Slayer advancement
  • Male Ranger – (M) Gunner advancement
  • Male Grappler – (M) Fighter advancement

These are the characters and classes that have been confirmed so far in the reveal, Berserker, and Inquisitor trailers. All of them are on the game’s official YouTube channel.

DNF Duel release date

No release date or even window has been announced for the game.

We don’t know if it’s coming out in 2022 or if it’s pegged for 2023, so we’ll just have to keep on waiting. It was announced in December 2020 before disappearing off the face of the Earth, so hopefully its reemergence means development is moving smoothly.

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