Rapper Blueface and his manager Wack 100 had some drama brewing at their place when female artist Chrisean Rock decided to show up at their house. The entire thing was live-streamed on Instagram.

The feud between Blueface, Chrisean, and Wack 100 also had the internet talking. Fans were quick to share the live on Twitter and express their feeling towards the same. As of now, Blueface has not commented on what went wrong.

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Blueface, Chrisean Rock, and Wack 100’s drama explored

The drama started when Blueface’s female artist, Chrisean Rock, showed up at his house and claimed she was signed to his record label. However, Wack 100, who is the rapper’s manager claimed the deal was broken.

He said: “You don’t work for sh*t. He dropped you a week ago! Two weeks ago! He dropped you!” Despite this, Chrisean seemed unconvinced and stressed the fact she was still signed to the label.

Things took turn for worse when Wack 100 decided to call the cops on her. He told her: “If we don’t want to do business with you, we don’t want to do business with you! … You’re free to go to do whatever you want to do! I promise you we will never talk to you again, studio, text, nothing!”

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While the police tried to understand the situation, one of them followed Chrisean to the room that she claimed was hers. However, upon reaching, none of her things were there. Seeing this, Chrisean claimed they had cleaned the entire house.

Unfortunately, that was the last video posted by her and at the moment there is no new information.

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Who is Chrisean Rock?

Chrisean was first seen when she took part in Blueface’s reality show called Blue Girls Club. She went on to sign his label in 2020. However, the reason she made headlines was for getting Blueface’s name tattooed on her face.

The reality star had shared the video on her Instagram. She further added that it was her decision to get her face tattooed with the rapper’s real name, that is, Jonathan. This step by Chrisean pushed Blueface to comment.

He said: “You gon’ get me in trouble cuz … I’m secretly mad at you but not mad at you.”

Chrisean Rock’s argument with Blueface’s ex

Prior to getting the tattoo, Chrisean had made headlines for losing a tooth after she got into a fight with Blueface’s ex, Jaidyn Alexis.

However, Blueface made sure she was taken care of. She told Hip-hop DX: “Blueface paid for everything, for my permanent replacement. I just gotta go get it screwed in my mouth, so I’m procrastinating honestly.”

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