*Warning – Spoilers ahead**

The BBC event, Doctor Who: Flux, is paving the way for the thirteenth Doctor’s arrival next year, and after watching the penultimate episode, fans of the popular British show want to know more about Tecteun.

While the Flux story has received mixed reviews from fans thus far, viewers gladly received guest star Jo Martin who appeared in last week’s episode – fuelling rumors of a fugitive Doctor Who spin-off show.

Survivors of the Flux presented a tonne of unanswered questions after learning more about the titular Flux, the Division, and UNIT’s origin, but we want to know more about Tecteun’s past.

Doctor Who | Flux Mid-Series Trailer | BBC

Doctor Who | Flux Mid-Series Trailer | BBC

Survivors of the Flux

During the events of episode 5, it was revealed that Tecteun was the Gallifreyan who found the Timeless Child.

It was also revealed that Tecteun stole the Timeless Child’s genetic ability to regenerate for future Time Lords.

The episode also showed Tecteun’s plan to destroy the universe and how the Doctor reacted to meeting her own ‘mother.’

Tecteun’s origin

Having only seen the character in flashbacks before, the Spy Master’s records tell Tecteun’s origin as a Shobogan – the indigenous people of Gallifrey.

Tecteun was one of the first Shobogan to investigate other planets, and in doing so, found the Timeless Child and shared its regeneration code with her fellow Shobogans.

It is unclear how many incarnations Tecteun has had, but one was revealed to be Awsok in the show’s latest episode.

Image from Doctor Who World.

Who plays the Time Lord?

The incarnation, Awsok Tecteun, is played by Barbara Flynn, with other fleeting appearances being played by Jake Nwogu and Seylan Baxter.

Flynn is an English actor whose television career began in 1970 with the series, A Family at War.

The actor has also recently appeared in The Durrells, Killing Eve, and Kate & Koji.

Doctor Who: Flux continues Sundays on BBC One.

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