Elves, or Elfen (original title: Nisser), arrived on Netflix yesterday (November 28) and has, since then, picked up some lukewarm reviews. 

Nevertheless, the Christmas-related folk horror series is likely to do well over the coming weeks, as audiences plough through anything and everything that fits the festive brief.

But many will be wondering, as they chomp through the six-parter, where Elves was filmed – especially as its setting, the eerie isle of Årmandsø, is fictional.

Where is Danish Netflix series Elves filmed?

Miso Film, the production company behind Elves, shot the series in Greater Copenhagen – the area that surrounds, and includes, the Danish capital.

Shooting began in October last year. 

Actor Rasmus Hammerich, who stars in the show, revealed to his Instagram followers that they were filming on October 7. He captioned the photo: “Then we are in the process of filming NISSER” (translated by Google and paraphrased). 

Nisser was the production’s original title. In pan-Scandinavian folklore, nisser (singular: nisse) are small, elusive hobgoblin-like creatures associated with Christmas.

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North of the city of Copenhagen is Gribskov, or Grib Forest, Denmark’s fourth largest forest. It comprises over 5,000 hectares of woodland, and has a long tradition of forestry.

Closer to the city is Hareskoven, a forested area that straddles the boundary between the Furesø and Gladsaxe municipalities of northwestern Copenhagen. 

Either of these could have served the production team behind Elves well.

Elves | Official Trailer

Elves | Official Trailer

What else has Elves’ production company Miso Film released?

Elves is far from Miso Film’s first release. IMDB lists a total of 160 TV series, films and shorts since Jonas Allen and Peter Bose founded the company in 2004.

Elfen is the latest, although there are three currently in pre-production.

The shows with the largest audience numbers are The Rain, which ran from 2018 to 2020 and follows, with eerie prescience, the aftermath of a brutal virus that wipes out most of the world’s population.

Next is Max Manus: Man Of War (2008), a biographical drama about a World War II saboteur.

Has Netflix’s Elves received positive or negative reviews?

By and large, reviews of Elves have been lukewarm. The Daily Beast wrote that it has a “clumsy grasp on its terror”. The adult elves “look more ridiculous than menacing” and are “slow and avoidable”.

“Anyone over the age of fifteen”, concludes their review, “may want to look elsewhere for some holiday horror.”

Mashable, meanwhile, praised the film’s setup, casting and performances. It did, however, criticise the storytelling and characterisation, writing, “it’s hard to care about the characters”.

Ultimately, it “feels a little undercooked”. 

“Like the slightly on-the-nose metaphor for man’s interference with nature that’s at its heart, it’s too obvious where things are going — and the journey there isn’t exciting enough.”

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