Concerns are rising as a disturbing trend has resurfaced on social media, attacking people on TikTok again.

Over recent weeks, a dangerous challenge that first rose to prominence in 2019 and resurfaced in 2020 again, has been gaining traction on the internet again, commonly known as the Blue Whale Challenge.

If you see any indication of this trend existing online, do not take part, and report it immediately.

Photo Illustration by Omar Marques/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

The Blue Whale Challenge resurfaces on TikTok

The Blue Whale Challenge is a dangerous and inappropriate ‘challenge that reappears every now and then, gaining popularity on social media. The trend is aimed at teenagers and sets 50 disturbing challenges over 50 days.

Whilst the challenge has previously been known to exist on Instagram and Twitter, it has gained popularity on TikTok in recent years.

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This challenge is an incredibly dangerous trend with life-threatening consequences. If you see the Blue Whale Challenge existing on TikTok, please report the posts, turn your DMs private and do not interact with those messages.

Do not interact or take part

If you see any indication of the Blue Whale Challenge existing online we urge you not to take part or to share anything to do with it. 

Challenges like this can be seen as a new type of cyber-bullying that victimises young people on social media platforms.

Many administrators of the challenge are messaging people via TikTok, so an important precaution to take is to put your social media accounts onto private so that you don’t receive such messages.

If you see anyone sharing #bluewhalechallenge or any related hashtags this could be a symbol that they are participating and may need assistance.

Mental health support is available

If you have been affected by the nature of the Blue Whale Challenge and need someone to speak to, here are some resources to get mental health support. 

Anxiety UK 
Call: 03444 775 774 

Call: 0300 123 3393

Call: 116 123