Two of the PS Now December 2021 free games have been confirmed and players are on the lookout for leaks as we await the release date for the new PlayStation Plus freebies.

Although it’s not as good as Xbox Game Pass, Sony’s subscription service has been fairly decent over the past two months. October saw the arrival of The Last Of Us Part 2 and November brought the Mafia Definitive Edition.

We’ll have to wait another week for the curtain to be pulled aside, but there’s two known titles for fans to anticipate.

Final Fantasy X-2 | An Epic Tale Trailer

Final Fantasy X-2 | An Epic Tale Trailer

What are the PS Now December 2021 free games?

Two of the PS Now December 2021 free games are Grand Theft Auto 3 Definitive Edition and Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster.

This is the fourth Final Fantasy game added to Sony’s subscription service since September and January will see the last with The Zodiac Age. FFX is considered a classic by many, and even better news is that it’s two games in one package.

As for Grand Theft Auto, this comes from the recently released Definitive Trilogy Edition which has been a bit of a comical mess. It’s not near as good as Vice City or San Andreas, but it’s free so hard to complain.

PlayStation Now Leaks

No leaks have emerged as of writing but there will likely be some closer to the reveal date of December 6th.

While there are no leaks for Now, there is for PlayStation Plus with the holiday offerings reportedly unearthed as Godfall, Mortal Shell, and Lego DC Supervillains. These aren’t official but they come courtesy of the often reliable delelabs.

PS Plus December 2021 release date

The release date for the PS Plus and PlayStation Now December 2021 free games is December 7th.

As for when they will be officially unveiled, the Plus selection will likely be confirmed on December 1st with the Now offerings on December 6th. Again, Mortal Shell and co have been leaked but they are not yet official.

If it is Mortal Shell and the other two, then it’s a fantastic early Christmas present for Dark Souls fans as MS is one of the better souls-like clones.

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