The release time countdown for when the Propnight game will come out is nearly here and the Dead By Daylight competitor comes with some freaky characters and an unknown price that will be ‘reasonable’.

Lots of people know about the multiplayer title because it’s the first of many emerging DBD competitors set to come out. Only this one has killers and survivors but also the addition of prop hunt.

It also has a different visual style to DBD along with a rogue who looks as IF they have come straight from The Conjuring 2.

Dead by Daylight | Portrait of a Murder | Announcement Trailer

Dead by Daylight | Portrait of a Murder | Announcement Trailer

What time does Propnight come out?

The release date and time for when the Propnight game will come out is 10:00 PT, 13:00 ET, and 18:00 GMT on November 30th.

All of the above date and hours have been confirmed by the developers with a short video. Fans have recently been able to enjoy a beta, but this is the first time it is fully launching for everyone to buy.

You can wishlist it right now to receive a notification the second it launches.

How much does it cost?

No price has been officially announced as of writing but the developers have claimed that its cost will be ‘reasonable’.

This comes from comments made on its Discord server per Reddit. Some people are assuming that it will cost between $15-20, but the main gist is that it will not be free-to-play unlike another Dead By Daylight competitor, VHS.

We will update this article when the official price is known.

Propnight game characters

The Propnight game comes with characters who act as the killer and survivors.

Two killers in the game are named Banshee and Imposter. Banshee is the nun who looks identical to Valak from The Conjuring 2, meanwhile the Imposter is said to be the toughest baddie in the game.

Another is named Granny and she’s no grandma that you’d ever want to give hugs and kisses. Not only because of her knife, but also because her long nails are repulsive and she quite frankly looks worse than death.

Lastly, there’s also a killer character named Keymaster and he is the old man with the nice teeth on the game’s cover. All of these killers come with unique perks and abilities like the rogues in Dead By Daylight.

Check out Shroom Shoots‘ YouTube video for a detailed breakdown of each bad guy’s abilities.