Selling Sunset Season 4 majorly revolved around Christine Quinn and Emma Hernan’s ex-boyfriend. While his identity remained unknown on the show, as per US Weekly, the man behind the drama is Peter Cornell.

Like every season, Selling Sunset’s new season promised a lot of drama and entertainment. However, the two people who kept the show running were Christine and Emma as their past seemed to come back and haunt them. For those who haven’t seen the show, we suggest you start already!

Note: This article contains spoilers for Season 4 of Selling Sunset

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What happened on Season 4

Season 4 saw Christine taking on the role of motherhood as she welcomes her baby boy. The show also managed to give viewers a glimpse of her extravagant baby shower.

At the same time, Christine detailed her labor and how her husband was asked to make the tough decision of choosing either the baby or her. With too many ups and downs already, things finally took turns for good when Christine welcomed her baby boy.

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But as always, it is rare that drama stays away from The Oppenheim Group. Trouble knocked on the door once again when Christine’s enemy Emma joined the group as a full-time employee.

Christine and Emma had dated the same guy and even though their stories were different, their feelings for each other had been similar.

Meet Peter Cornell, Christine and Emma’s ex-boyfriend

While the show did not reveal the details about their ex, US Weekly reveals that Peter is also an Oppenheim Group employee. As per his bio on the company’s website, Peter is a realtor and the Director of the Sports & Entertainment Division for the company.

He graduated from  Loyola Marymount University and played basketball while he was there. His skills helped him pave his way into NBA. Peter ended up playing for Los Angeles Lakers before entering into the real estate business.

Through his experience, Peter has managed to merge entertainment, media, and real estate together.

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What did the girls say about their ex?

As of now, two versions of the story have been told so far. As per Christine, her ex had been cheating on her with Emma. Meanwhile, Emma states it is not true. To add to this, Mary Fitzgerald also took Emma’s side and stated that Christine might have got the timeline wrong.

While the two girls have stood by their claims, it is hard to tell what really happened.

You can stream Selling Sunset on Netflix.

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