Bryce Hall has found himself in trouble once again and this time it is for telling that he has hooked up with Selena Gomez.

This comes weeks after Bryce’s ‘Reality House 3’ released. The TikTok star, along with other influencers, came back for the latest season which was released on November 19.

Did Bryce Hall hook up with Selena Gomez?

No, Bryce did not hook up with Selena. The rumors about the two started because of a comment the TikTok star made on the show.

During one of the episodes, the contestants were asked if they had ever hooked up with an A-list celebrity. At that time, Bryce asked if Selena would be considered as an A-list star.

The small snippet was quick to grab attention on social media after it was shared on AJ Krakovsky’s TikTok mizft. In it, AJ can be heard slamming Bryce for trying to use Selena for clout.

It did not take long for Bryce to comment on the same as he said in the comments: “It’s a joke lol. Ppl like you reacting to it with such hostility is what brings me enjoyment to this platform.”

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What we know about Reality House Season 3

Reality House is a reality show that was created by YouTubers Kian and JC. Several social media influencers come together and take part in different challenges in a bid to win a cash prize.

The show had first aired in 2019. In 2021, it came back for a new season. The first episode of the show aired on November 19. The influencers who can be seen on the show include Tana Mongeau, Bryce Hall, Kane Trujillo, Louie Castro, Embodoe, lavaxgrl, Camilla Coleman Brooks, and Peter Vigilante.

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What is the TikTok star up to these days?

It seems like Bryce has been keeping himself busy these days. Apart from taking part in the reality show, the TikTok star revealed he would be dropping his merch soon.

In a tweet made on November 27, he wrote: “I’m dropping some Christmas merch and it’s my first merch going out since last year… excited to see y’all rep!!! some people who buy get a very special something.”

As of now, he has not released any other details.

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