American composer and lyricist Stephen Sondheim passed away aged 91 on Friday, 26 November at his home in Connecticut, as per BBC reports.

For years prior to his death, the legendary musical theatre artist possessed sight problems and supporters are now wondering, what happened to Stephen Sondheim’s eye?

What happened to Stephen Sondheim’s eye?

For a while leading up to his unfortunate death, the US composer appeared to have droopy eyelids which many people thought to have restricted his vision.

Some questioned whether or not Sonheim was blind, but HeightZone confirms that he had not completely lost his sight.

In a column named Stephen Sondheim Stage, published on 10 November 1998, the artist dedicated a section to his experience undergoing an unpleasant eye exam.

After realising he needed a new pair of glasses, Sondheim visited a doctor who advised him to take an eye exam since he had not done so in five years.

Following various tests given to him, the doctor discovered that the vision in Stephen’s right eye had become stronger.

Meanwhile, the artist’s left eye vision had instead gotten quite a bit weaker.

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Although Stephen was confused as to how this had happened and soon became dizzy and nauseous, he was eventually given a new pair of glasses and concluded:

“But now I will have brand spanking new glasses and I will be able to see and be seen.”

When did the musician require glasses?

In the 1998 column, Stephen Sondheim spoke further upon his eyesight issues.

Having obtained his first pair of glasses at 16 years old, he reportedly never wore them until realising he was unable to read film credits at age 25.

He then began wearing lenses and was given an updated prescription.

The musician believed that not wearing his glasses had made his sight worsen although he continued to only wear them when needing to see in focus.

Sondheim stated that he was nearsighted, meaning he had a blurry vision when looking far ahead yet could see perfectly up close.

Explore the late composer’s life

Born on 22 March 1930 in New York, United States, the legendary composer died at age 91 years old.

According to BBC reports, Stephen Sondheim’s lawyer told the New York Times of his passing.

The source confirmed that Sondheim had passed away on Friday 26 November 2021 at his home in Roxbury, Connecticut after celebrating Thanksgiving with friends only a day before.

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Sondheim reportedly saw his first Broadway musical at the age of nine and went on to gain immense fame in the industry.

He won eight Grammy Awards, nine Tony awards and one Academy Award as well as a Pulitzer Prize.

During his fulfilled career, the artist wrote the scores of some of Broadway’s most well-known shows including Company, Follies and A Little Night Music.

As a widely recognisable lyricist, Sondheim also wrote the lyrics for West Side Story, a musical with a book by Arthur Laurents and music by Leonard Bernstein.

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