Just when we thought life had finally returned to normal, a new Covid strain is threatening the world.

The variant was first detected in Botswana and has been classified by WHO as being “of concern”.

It’s been given the name ‘Omicron’ and evidence suggests it is more transmissible and has a higher risk of re-infection.

There are also fears that vaccines could be less effective against the worrying mutation.

On Twitter, people are reacting to the new variant with memes. Here are 19 funny Omicron Memes…

19 Omicron Memes

Doing some reading on this Omicron variant.

Right before Christmas? Great.

It’s like we’re in Futurama.

Thanks Omicron, thanks a lot.

Coronavirus be like…

When you finally planned a trip abroad and Omicron arrives.

Who called it Omicron?

The vaccinated and unvaccinated have one thing in common.

What I think of when I hear the name of the new Covid variant.

Just when we thought it was over.

I’m just waiting for the poppers.

Omicron variant VS the fully vaccinated.

This is never going to end.

Sing 2 | Final Trailer

Sing 2 | Final Trailer

Me going to get my 16th booster jab for the Zeta variant.

Doesn’t look like 2022 will be any better.

When you just booked your first visit home.

Me trying to find my 14th booster pass to buy a sandwich.

My holiday plans VS the Omicron variant.

I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.


Me walking to the bank to withdraw all my money.

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