BTS ARMY is hopeful about a world tour of 2022 from Bangtan Boys as Korean media reports that all seven member of two times Grammy-nominated South Korean music group has applied to defer their military enlistment. From ‘Permission To Dance’ music video clues to RM’s little hint at AMAs 2021, here’s all you need to know about BTS’ World Tour 2022.


BTS has announced its first tour location for March 2022. The two times Grammy-nominated group will meet fans in Seoul.

For the ones who are unversed, according to the existing South Korean law about mandatory enlistment, BTS Jin had to enlist within this year’s December as he will be turning 30.

But as per the new revision introduced in last December, BTS can defer their military enlistment for showing exceptional cultural merit breaking multitudes of global records and impacting the whole country’s economy in a way that no other artist has ever been able to do.

So if news reports are to be believed, BTS will be able to promote music together till the end of 2022 as a seven-piece act. With that, BTS ARMY is expecting a grand global tour in 2022, and here’s all we know so far.

Fans speculate BTS World Tour 2022 (HYBE Labels YouTube)

Everything about BTS World Tour 2022 that we know

The first clue for BTS’ World Tour 2022 was in Bangtan’s Hot 100 topper ‘Permission To Dance’ music video where fans spotted a number of locations which could be the group’s next destinations for the global tour 2022.

Hobi posed with a street sign that had names like Seoul, London, San Francisco, Moscow, Egypt, Berlin, Kenya and Paris.

Along with that, BTS Suga posed with a newspaper that said ‘2022, the beginning of a new year’ hinting that BTS is planning to embrace the new beginning with fans.

2021 AMERICAN MUSIC AWARDS – The AMAs will air live from the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles on Sunday, Nov. 21, at 8:00 p.m. EST/PST on ABC. (ABC via Getty Images) COLDPLAY, BTS

RM’s hint about BTS World Tour 2022 at AMAs 2021

BTS leader RM might have also teased about BTS World Tour at AMAs 2021. The ‘Mono’ crooner talked about their big plans of 2022 saying, “more music is coming, more performance is coming and a tour is coming!”

Check the clip below.

BTS will hold a press conference on November 28th at 2 PM PST/ 5 PM ET. BTS fans are sure that an announcement of World Tour or new music can be expected from the upcoming press conference.

Keep an eye on this space for all updates regarding BTS’ World Tour 2022 announcement. Excited about BTS’ LA concert 2021? Check all the details here.