**Warning – Spoilers ahead**

Now that Star Trek: Discovery has found a new home internationally for season 4, fans worldwide are finally able to settle down and soak up the new chapter and we investigate what the strange anomaly is featured in episode 2.

Season 4 will see Sonequa Martin-Green’s, Michael Burnham, return with her USS Discovery crew to face an unknown threat in this chapter, described as an invisible anomaly. The events of this chapter are meant to take place 900 years after the setting of Star Trek: The Original Series.

Star Trek: Discovery | Season 4 Official Trailer | Paramount+

Star Trek: Discovery | Season 4 Official Trailer | Paramount+

Star Trek: Discovery season 4 episode 2

The premiere of Star Trek: Discovery season 4 saw the destruction of the planet, Kwejian, and episode 2, aptly titled ‘Anomaly,’ explores the fallout of the explosion and investigates further into what the anomaly is that caused it.

Michael spends a fair amount of time comforting Booker, who is clearly distraught after last week’s events.

It is presented that the planet’s downfall was the cause of a massive gravitational anomaly, which is still present in the expanse. This provokes the Discovery team to close in on the matter to take readings, after taking advice from The Federation.

Upon arriving at the anomaly, the Discovery team attempts to predict the wonder’s next move by using a “polarizing spectrographic filter” to get a better look.

What is the anomaly?

After applying the filter, Discovery learns that the anomaly is made up of a cluster of blue, swirling dots.

Due to its gravitational pull, the Discovery cannot get close enough to the anomaly to investigate, which triggers Booker’s suggestion that he flies his ship in personally.

At one point, the camera pans back to reveal that the anomaly is shaped like a closed eye, surrounded by what looks like eyelids – which could translate to various layers of gravitational force.

Image from Trek Core.

Fan theories

While we are no further forward in getting to the root of what the anomaly is, episode 2’s reveal of its shape does make it appear more threatening.

Many Star Trek: Discovery fans believe that the anomaly is definitely alive in some capacity, similar to the Crystalline Entity featured in the Star Trek franchise.

This indicates that perhaps the anomaly feeds off of stars and planets after destroying them, or perhaps it’s some grand weapon being controlled by an unknown force.

Star Trek: Discovery season 4 episode 3 will release on Thursday, December 2, 2021 on Paramount + and Pluto TV.

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