A prominent TikTok creator from Flint, Michigan is now subject to some pretty baseless online conspiracy theories following recent uploads.

Franklin Prater, who also goes by Sabrina Prater, has gained traction on the TikTok account @sabrinaprater625, and now boasts over 200k followers. We’re breaking down everything that we know.

Who is Franklin aka Sabrina Prater?

Thirty-four-year-old Franklin Prater is a TikTok content creator, going by the username @sabrinaprater625.

Prater’s TikTok bio reveals that he has been “dressing up” since he was little, and explores femininity via the short-form video platform. The creator, from Flint, Michigan, posts TikTok clips often dancing to popular songs.

More recently, Prater has fallen subject to online conspiracy theories as internet sleuths stamp his background as ‘untidy’ and ‘unkempt’.

Michigan TikToker subject to conspiracy theories

TikTok sleuths have alleged multiple theories about Franklin Prater, but it’s important to note that all claims are baseless at this time.

Many of Prater’s followers are concerned for the content creator’s safety, as well as the safety of the dog that is featured in several videos.

One user commented: “are u okay? do u need anything?”

Another wrote: “I’m worried about your living situation, are you ok?”

Somebody else took to the comment section: “Hey, can you let us know if you are OK? Thank you!”

Another said: “I’m just concerned about this poor dog.”

Prater is yet to disclose anything about his living situation, though earlier this month, he wrote on TikTok: “I’m loving this more than ever! I truly enjoy doing this for so many of you! you definitely make me feel so beautiful always!”

Prater’s account was previously taken down

Although Franklin aka Sabrina Prater is a frequent user of TikTok, an early video reveals that the @sabrinaprater625 account was previously taken down.

The content creator wrote: “I’m back an better than before. I got violated for s*xual content an nudity doing a live the one that got cut off! I need my supporters to make a difference!”

At the time of writing, Prater’s last upload was just two days ago.

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