Park Hyung Sik and Han Hyo Joo’s latest apocalypse thriller ‘Happiness’ is inching closer to its tipping point. According to the latest preview of ‘Happiness’ episode 7, things will only be more difficult for the building residents of Sae Bom (Saebom) and Jung Yi Hyun. Check the time and preview of episode 7 below.

‘Happiness,’ TVN’s weekend hit drama starring the award-winning artists pair Park Hyung Sik and Han Hyo Joo has made fans debate if the drama will have a happy ending where the pair finds a cure or a tragic ending. According to viewers, episode 7 will be crucial in understanding if Saebom truly is the cure of the mad disease.

Park Hyung Sik in ‘Happiness’ (TVN Instagram/ still cut of ‘Happiness)

‘Happiness’ episode 7: International airtime explained

‘Happiness’ episode 7 will be airing on November 26th, at 10.40 PM KST/ 8.40 AM ET on TVN. Rakuten Viki. the streaming platform will upload the episodes roughly after four to five hours based on your region. For iQIYI Singapore viewers, the episode will be available on Saturday, November 27th at 12 PM SGT.

Check the international time breakdown of TVN airing below.

  • Central Time: November 26th, 8:40 AM Central Time (CT)
  • Eastern Time: November 26th, 9.40 AM Eastern Time (ET)
  • Pacific Time: November 26th, 6.40 AM Pacific Time (PT)
  • European Time: November 26th, 2.40 PM Central European Time (CET)
  • British Time: November 26th, 1.40 PM GMT
  • Indian Time: November 26th, 7.10 PM, Friday, Indian Standard Time (IST)
  • Philippine Time: November 26th, 9.40 PM in the Philippines
  • Japan Time: November 26th, 10.40 PM in Tokyo, Japan
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Happiness episode 7 preview: Will Sae Bom get bitten in search of cure?

Happiness episode 7 has teased a spine-chilling preview where Han Tae Seok, the operation leader of ‘Mad Disease’ reveals that the electricity of Sae Bom and Jung Yi Hyun‘s building will get cut off.

On top of that, desperate to find a cure for the disease, it looks like Sae Bom will be attacked. Though it is not clear if Sae Bom will be bitten or not, she ended up smeared in blood at the end of the preview.

Check the full preview below.

Where to watch ‘Happiness’ episode 7?

Watch the apocalypse thriller ‘Happiness’ episode 7 in TVN, Rakuten Viki, Viu selected regions, TVING app, and iQIYI. Let us know your favorite moments from the show @HITcculture.