The Dead By Daylight perks for new killer The Artist have been revealed and DBD skins have also been leaked ahead of the Chapter 22 Portrait of a Murderer release date.

Fans have been able to play as BeHaviour Interactive’s newest original baddie by participating in the PTB. This has also allowed them to step into the shoes of the accompanying survivor, Jonah Vasquez.

While the licensed Nemesis and Pinhead has arguably been the best rogues of the year, BeHaviour Interactive’s newest femme fatale looks and plays amazing.

Dead by Daylight | Portrait of a Murder | Announcement Trailer

Dead by Daylight | Portrait of a Murder | Announcement Trailer

Dead By Daylight The Artist perks

The new killer for Dead By Daylight Chapter 22 is The Artist and her DBD perks are as follows:

Grim Embrace:

  • Your act of servitude to The Entity has not gone unnoticed.
  • Each time a Survivor is hooked for the first time, you gain a token. Upon reaching 4 tokens Grim Embrace activates.
  • The Entity blocks all generators for 20 seconds. The Obsession aura is revealed to you for 4 seconds.
  • May be unlock in the Bloodweb of The Artist from level 30+ or in the Shrine of Secrets.

Scourge Hook – Pain Resonance:

  • Overwhelming pain reverberates outwards into chaos.
  • At the start of the trial, up to 4 random hooks are changed into scourge hooks. You see their auras in white.
  • Any time a Survivor is hooked on a scourge hook, the generator with the most progress explodes, instantly losing 9% progress and will start to regress. Survivors repairing the generator will scream, revealing their location.
  • May be unlocked in the Bloodweb from level 35+ in the Shrine of Secrets.

Hex – Pentimento:

  • You reveal the true power of the Totems, hidden within their remains.
  • You see the aura of destroyed Totems. You can perform a ritual on a destroyed Totem to resurrect it as a Rekindled Totem. The more Rekindled Totems that exist, the greater their effects.
    • 1 Rekindled Totem: Reduces Survivors’ repair speed by 20%
    • 2 Rekindled Totems: Reduces Survivors’ healing speed by 20%
    • 3 Rekindled Totems: Reduces Survivors’ recovery speed from being down by 20%
    • 4 Rekindled Totems: Reduces Survivors’ exit gate opening speed by 20%
    • 5 Rekindled Totems: All Totems are blocked by the Entity
  • When a Rekindled Totem is removed, its remains are consumed by the Entity.
  • May be unlocked in the bloodweb from level 40+ or in the Shrine of Secrets.

All of these perks come courtesy of YouTuber The King.

Portrait of a Murder Chapter 22 release date

The release date for Dead By Daylight Portrait of a Murderer Chapter 22 is November 30th.

No price has been revealed, but it could cost £6.49 similar to other original episodes in the game like All-Kill. Aside from the original emo murderer, the episode will also come with a fresh-faced survivor named Jonah Vasquez.

As for when the patch comes out, leaks suggest that we’ll be getting dozens of additional skins. These include the annual ugly sweaters which will be available from December 29th as part of the Winter Event.

DBD new killer skins

Skins have leaked for new Dead By Daylight killer, The Artist.

Per DBD Leaks, all of the skins will be available from November 30th and each of the recolours will cost 270 Auric Cells or 5,400 Shards. However, away from the simple recolours, there’s plenty else to anticipate.

We know that the new Ghostface Icebound Phantom costume will be available from November 30th, but leaks suggest that we are also getting winter cosmetics for the Blight and Spirit on the same day. These will all cost 1,080 Auric Cells.

Further into the month of Christmas, there will be new costumes available for Mikaela Reid, Felix Richter, Feng-Min, and Yun-Jin Lee from December 7th.