Season 13 of Married At First Sight has officially come to an end after the final episode aired last night. 

In this season, which started in July 2021, ten singletons from Houston were expertly matched before meeting at the altar for the first time. 

The series was as drama-filled as ever and had viewers across the USA hooked. 

In the decision episode, couples Bao and Jonny and Zack and Michaela chose not to remain married.

However, in last night’s reunion episode part two, it was revealed that Bao and Zack had started dating, but are they still together now?

Zack and Bao from Married and First Sight Season 13 Screenshots from videos by Lifetime on YouTube

Zack and Bao are dating

Viewers were shocked when Married At First Sight revealed during the ‘Where Are They Now’ episode that two divorced cast members, Bao Huong Hoang and Zack Freeman, had started dating.

In the episode, Zack asked Bao out on a date whilst they played pool, and sparks were obviously flying between them.

“Having gotten to know Bao the last couple of months, I think she’s an amazing person. I like how she’s always herself. I love her giddiness. I really do,” Zack said outside the bar.

Then, he went inside and asked her out on a date, saying: “We got to know each other pretty well the last several months and I’ve really grown to like you and I would love to take you out on a date sometime soon.”

“We should go on a date, a date to see if there’s something more if you agree?” he added.

Behind the camera, someone called him “very bold” before Bao agreed to go on a date and added: “Since I’ve gotten to know you, I’ve grown very fond of you.”

Later on in the episode, they then went on the date and agreed that they didn’t want to rush into anything, but Bao revealed: “It’s very refreshing to feel like I’m being swept off my feet.”

“I went on Married At First Sight because I was hoping to find The One, to fall in love, have a family and nothing has changed,” Zack added.

Last Train To Christmas | Trailer | Sky Cinema

Last Train To Christmas | Trailer | Sky Cinema

RUMOURS: Are they still together now?

Filming for Married At First Sight Houston took place in around February or March 2021 and the series was then aired in July.

The reunion episode was then filmed four months after decision day, in around July. It’s been months since then, so are Zack and Bao still together in November 2021?

Well, we don’t know for sure, but there are some rumours flooding the internet.

If you go by Zack and Bao’s Instagram profiles, it certainly seems like they’re not together as they’ve never posted any photos together.

However, at the time of writing this, they are following each other on there, so they are obviously still close.

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Just because they don’t have any photos together doesn’t mean they aren’t dating though, as they were most likely under strict instructions by MAFS not to post any photos until after the second reunion episode aired.

So, it will be interesting to see if any photos of the pair pop up in the coming weeks now that the secret about their date is out.

Some fans have claimed that the pair have been spotted together recently, fuelling rumours that they are still dating.

One person claimed that they were spotted on a trip in New York together recently, whilst another said they were seen on date at Hearsay in downtown Houston on November 13th.

Another person added that they seemed pretty cosy at last week’s cast watch party, but again, these are only rumours.

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