What makes a great actor?

Is it consistency? Charisma? Complete dedication to their craft?

There are many things that can cause an actor to stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons, but many would argue that the key is this… they never fail to surprise you.

For many years now, audiences have been confident in their expectations of Kevin Hart’s work. Being a comedian, it’s been no surprise to see him often cast in comedic roles.

However, the star has more recently showcased a different side to himself, but perhaps no clearer than in his latest Netflix limited series, in which he co-stars with the likes of Wesley Snipes.

But, who is True Story with Kevin Hart based on?

still from True Story trailer, Netflix

Who is True Story with Kevin Hart based on?

True Story is not based on a true story, nor is its protagonist – Kid, portrayed by Kevin Hart – inspired by any individual in particular.

Considering Kevin is a comedian in real life and plays a stand-up megastar here, it’s not exactly surprising to see some audiences have grown curious regarding whether it’s based on him; after all, it’s even called True Story.

This is not the case, and it’s worth acknowledging the fact that Kevin didn’t write the script.

The screenplay was penned by creator Eric Newman, but Kevin Hart was involved since its inception.

Essentially, the comedian wanted to defy the expectations of his fans and approached Eric with an interesting proposal: “I want to kill someone.” As Kevin outlined in an interview with 711web, he told the writer that this is what he wanted to do in his next project. He wanted to take audiences by surprise:

“The reason I started the conversation with ‘I want to kill someone’ is because I wanted to get his attention. I wanted to get Eric’s attention in a different way. He was waiting for me to laugh, he was waiting for the joke, so I said, ‘This is what I want to do. I want to kill. And I have to figure out how to do it. I think you can help me figure it out.’”

Eric went away with this idea for a while and later came back to Kevin with True Story.

True Story | Official Trailer | Netflix

True Story | Official Trailer | Netflix

“Hart’s real life has not lacked for drama”

Although the series moves away from the comedic stylings we’ve grown to know Kevin for, the New York Times notes that “True Story is largely fictionalized, but Hart’s real life has not lacked for drama.”

They address that he is only two years on from a car accident that required him to undergo surgery and rehabilitation.

The actor himself has explained how this experience changed him, and then there’s also the Academy Awards incident which saw him step down as host. This was in response to certain tweets he wrote that some considered homophobic.

A triumphant success?

Needless to say, it’s always risky business giving your fans something completely different.

However, so far it looks like many have declared it a job well done.

Plenty of viewers have hopped onto Twitter to praise the star’s new direction:

True Story is now streaming on Netflix.

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