Setting the dinner table is an important part of any holiday, and Thanksgiving is no different. The table can set the mood for the meal and the smallest details can make a big impact.

Jung Lee, the event planner and founder of Fête said:

“It’s important for every adult to know the formalities of a proper place setting. For me, it’s no different than knowing one’s manners. And the structure of a proper table setting isn’t a complicated math formula. It’s logical; once you know it, it’s hard to forget.” 

A casual place setting consisting of knife and fork, white napkin and a brown paper place mat.

What side of the plate does the napkin go on for Thanksgiving Dinner?

The napkin goes on the left hand side of the plate. However, you may be wondering what to do with the napkin once you have used it.

Once you have sat down at the table, unfold the napkin and put it on your lap. If you get up, put the napkin on your chair, and once you have finished eating your meal, put the napkin down to the left of your plate.

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You could go the extra mile and bring out napkin rings- you get extra points if you decorate them festively to add to the holiday spirit.

How to set a formal dinner table

The fork should be placed to the left of the plate, with the knife on the right side of the plate. The spoon will be placed on the right next to the knife, with any additional spoons going above the plate.

The water glass should be placed to the top right of the plate and the wineglass needs to be to the right of the water glass.

Don’t forget a place mat to tie the entire table setting together.

In other news, What side of the plate does the napkin go on for Thanksgiving Dinner?