Bajan Canadian is known as one of the most popular content creators in the Minecraft YouTube community before he disappeared for some time.

The YouTuber announced his comeback earlier this summer but let’s take a look at his absence for the last few years.

Who is Bajan Canadian?

Bajan Canadian, whose name is Mitch Hughes, is a 27-year-old YouTuber from Canada.

He started his online gaming career back in 2009 when he became part of the channel Awesome Sauce Films.

But during this time Bajan decided to create a solo channel and he joined YouTube under the name ‘Bajan Canadian’ in 2010 which has since amassed 5.76 million subscribers.

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His fan base increased more after he started making his own Minecraft series.

What happened to the YouTuber?

Bajan Canadian suddenly stopped uploading content to his YouTube channel in 2019.

He became inactive on other social media platforms, leaving his fans and followers baffled over the sudden decision.

There have been several speculations about his absence and it has been rumoured that he had a fallout with fellow Minecraft creator SkyDoesMinecraft.

Bajan Canadian announced his comeback earlier this summer and explained more about his absence in the comment section of one of his YouTube videos.

“I’d like to say ‘thank you’ to everyone who’s stuck with me for so long,”  he wrote. “The past year I’ve focused most of my content creation on this game instead of videos. Now we’re back. And I hope to see Skyblock Isles take off! Appreciate you, much love!”

In a Twitter post from June this year, he suggested that he’s been busy with Skyblock as he wrote: “skyblock, but it’s actually not really skyblock. anyone want to try the gamemode my team and I have been working on all year.”

Bajan has been tweeting more lately

Bajan Canadian has been more active on Twitter in the last few months.

If you check his profile, you will find out that he engages with other creators on the site and regularly likes, retweets and responds to messages.

While the YouTuber doesn’t share social media posts every single day, it seems that he’s actively working behind-the-scenes.

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