The VHS game closed beta has begun and some jaded Dead By Daylight players have theorised that the newest DBD event is a sign that BeHaviour Interactive are scared.

Fans of Dead By Daylight have lots to anticipate away from BeHaviour Interactive’s title. Not only is there the very similar Dragon Ball The Breakers, but Propnight is also coming out on the same day as Chapter 22 launches.

We have less than a week to experience Propnight, but some fans believe that a different game could change the landscape.

VHS | Reveal Trailer

VHS | Reveal Trailer

How to sign up for VHS closed beta

Fans could sign up for the VHS closed beta over on the game’s official website.

The registration page is still open for you to submit your details, but the exclusive demo is already underway. Its official Twitter account claims that keys have been delivered, but you can still try to register for a very hopeful late entry if you wish.

Not everything has been smooth sailing as there has been issues with people unable to redeem their sign up keys. This is because of an issue with the website which the developers hope to rectify by November 25th.

Why fans think Dead By Daylight is scared of VHS

Some fans think that the Dead By Daylight developer is scared of the VHS game.

They believe that BeHaviour Interactive’s DBD Bloodhunt from November 25th to November 29th is a clear sign. This is because the announcement was made shortly after the VHS game’s beta date and time was revealed on Twitter.

In addition, fans have pointed out on Reddit that a Bloodhunt has never happened in November before. As a rebuttal, some fans have leapt to the defence of BHVR by calling the DBD competition small fry in comparison.

However, lots of jaded players think BHVR should be worried as there’s competition from all angles now with VHS, Propnight, and even Dragon Ball.

Release date

There is no release date for the DBD competition as Steam and Epic Games merely state that it’s coming soon. Even when it does come out, it will launch in early access form.

Away from the bickering and sneering amongst Dead By Daylight fans, VHS is something that the BHVR community should anticipate. It’s another 4v1 isometric multiplayer survival title, and it has its own unique killers and survivors.

It takes place in the 1980s and it will be free-to-play unlike its competition. You can wishlist it now on both Steam and EGS.

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