Which actor would you most like to sit down in your local and sink a few beers with?

It’s incredibly hard to decide, whether you’re a Dwayne Johnson or Ryan Reynolds fan; or both, as most audiences are.

However, we’d wager that so many would immediately answer: “Is that even a question? It’s got to be Kevin.”

The Hollywood actor has impressed in everything from Ride Along to Fatherhood, showcasing admirable versatility as a performer in recent years. Even then, perhaps viewers couldn’t possibly have been prepared for his most sinister turn yet in True Story.

While fans have showered his performance in praise, some have found themselves scratching their heads after beginning the Netflix limited series.

For all those wondering: No, Kevin Hart did not kill someone…

Image from True Story trailer.

No, Kevin Hart did not kill someone

Essentially, certain audiences are confused after watching the actor’s recently unveiled series on Netflix, in which he stars alongside Wesley Snipes.

In this dramatic thriller, Kevin Hart plays the central character of Kid. He is a stand-up comedian and megastar, much like Kevin is in real life. However, the differences emerge from here on out.

While there are parallels between Kid and Kevin in terms of their careers, True Story is a work of fiction and is not autobiographical.

The confusion stems from the fact that the show is called True Story, which has led some to consider whether elements of the narrative are inspired by Kevin’s real-life experiences as a comedian.

Kevin didn’t actually write the script, and it was penned by creator Eric Newman.

Although he worked on the project with Kevin in mind to star – more on that later – the character of Kid and his dark path wasn’t based on Kevin.

True Story | Official Trailer | Netflix

True Story | Official Trailer | Netflix

Audiences react on Twitter

While most will be aware that Kevin is far from the man depicted in True Story, some have been thrown off by the series’ title thinking some of it may have been inspired by his real life.

One recently joked: “watching True Story… how much of this is really you? Minus the murder I hope!?”

Others have simply praised his work.

The beginnings of True Story

The project stems from the actor’s desire to dive into a role far darker than any he has ever approached before.

He went to Eric and said, “I want to kill someone.” Not in real life, of course, but in a film or TV project.

The actor explained during an interview with 711web that wanted to defy the expectations of the fans, breaking away from his funny-guy image:

“The reason I started the conversation with ‘I want to kill someone’ is because I wanted to get his attention. I wanted to get Eric’s attention in a different way. He was waiting for me to laugh, he was waiting for the joke, so I said, ‘This is what I want to do. I want to kill. And I have to figure out how to do it. I think you can help me figure it out.’”

With this challenge set, Eric began to create the script that would become True Story.

True Story is now streaming on Netflix.

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