It was only a matter of time, right?

Cinema has a long tradition of transforming festive dates into days of unwavering terror.

Halloween, Christmas, Easter, and more have all received gory treatment from genre filmmakers. But, just as you thought they were about to run out of days to derange, along comes a film like Black Friday.

The term describes the Friday following Thanksgiving that arguably signals the beginning of the Christmas shopping rush. Retailers offer discounts and so forth, but that’s not all this horror-comedy is about.

Before we dive into it, here’s where to watch Black Friday…

still from Black Friday trailer, Screen Media Films

Where to watch Black Friday

Black Friday is available to stream as a VOD rental from the likes of Amazon Video, Microsoft Store, Spectrum on Demand, and Redbox.

It is yet to be made available in the UK. However, with the aid of a VPN it should be made accessible on the above platforms.

As for price, it’s available on Amazon Video from just $6.99.

Embracing a B-movie narrative and aesthetic, Casey Tebo’s film follows several employees at a toy store that falls prey to an alien substance.

The mysterious disturbance turns the infected into zombies of sorts and the workers are tasked with fending off the threat on the wildest Black Friday event of their lives. Some familiar faces show up too…

Black Friday | Official Trailer

Black Friday | Official Trailer

Who’s saving this Black Friday?

The hilarious horror romp boasts a number of beloved actors as well as some rising stars.

Check out the central cast and their respective roles below:

  • Devon Sawa (Final Destination) as Ken
  • Ivana Baquero (Pan’s Labyrinth) as Marnie
  • Ryan Lee (Super 8) as Chris
  • Stephen Peck (Made Public) as Brian
  • Michael Jai White (Dragged Across Concrete) as Archie
  • Bruce Campbell (Evil Dead) as Jonathan
  • Louie Kurtzman (Poser) as Emmett
  • Stephen O’Neil Martin (Remember the Titans) as All Mart Employee

“Now I’m interested”

A big draw for Black Friday audiences will be seeing Bruce Campbell back in a horror-comedy, and it won’t disappoint.

The actor is best known for playing Ash in Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead trilogy and the TV series Ash vs the Evil Dead.

While in conversation with Bloody Disgusting, Bruce explained that he didn’t want to come aboard just to rehash Ash:

“I just wanted Casey [Tebo] to realize he’s not hiring Ash. I didn’t take the part because I thought I could make this manager into a macho hero. The whole point is… and that’s what I think makes most of the movie interesting… these are not the people you want to [get attacked] by aliens, especially on their worst day. When they’re already completely overrun.”

Addressing what attracted him to the project, he added: “So I liked it because of that. And I liked the fact that my character is a loser manager of a loser toy store; that’s who you attack with aliens. Because now I’m interested.”

Black Friday is now streaming on VOD.

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