Home and Away has aired its season finale in the UK but when does the Australian soap return to our screens in 2022?

Viewers in the UK were surprised to find out that the show is taking a winter break before it comes back with new episodes.

We break down the massive cliffhanger in the season finale and reveal when the soap is back on after its Christmas break.

This is your final warning before we spill spoilers about the latest episode.

Hollyoaks | Official Winter Trailer | All 4

Hollyoaks | Official Winter Trailer | All 4

When is Home and Away back on 2022?

Home and Away returns with a new episode on Monday, January 3rd in the UK.

But keen viewers can watch the same episode via 5STAR a few days earlier on Friday, December 31 at 6.30 pm.

The soap’s final episode as part of its 2021 UK run aired on Monday, November 22nd.

Home and Away is taking a six-week festive break in the UK, while the Australian programming schedule will be confirmed via the show’s Instagram and Twitter pages.

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What happened in the last episode?

The season finale ended on a massive cliffhanger, leaving many viewers concerned about the fate of Summer Bay residents.

An unknown person poisoned Tane (Ethan Browne) after swapping his sports drink at the gym.

Tane collapsed on the floor as a result, while the mystery person placed a rose next to him and let out a poisonous substance that spread further through the air vents.

The season finale revealed that the substance spread to the Salt restaurant where residents had gathered for a fundraising event organised by Martha Stewart (Belinda Giblin).

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Viewers can’t cope with the show’s break

Viewers in the UK can’t cope with the fact that Home and Away is taking such a long break.

“I can’t believe if it’s off air here for 7 weeks, don’t know how I’ll cope and of course it ended on a massive cliffhanger,” one fan commented on the soap’s Instagram account.

Another one asked in the comment section: “When is it back on in the UK? Just can’t cope without it.”

“I’ve never felt so gutted … I’m in the uk … and it ended for Christmas break .. in November!!!!!! With some type of gas going up through the vents into the party that Marther was holding at salt and tanee laid on the gym floor unconscious” someone else added.

Home and Away, Channel 5, Endemol Shine

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