Over a month after his dead body was found, Brian Laundrie’s autopsy results have been revealed.

Steve Bertolino, an attorney for the Laundrie family told CNN that he died by suicide from a gunshot wound to the head.

“Chris and Roberta Laundrie have been informed that the cause of death was a gunshot wound to the head and the manner of death was suicide,” he said.

The District Twelve Medical Examiner also confirmed in a press release that they have completed their investigation and Brian’s cause of death is “gunshot wound to the head” by “suicide”.

Now, questions have been raised about the weapon he used to commit suicide. Was a gun found near his body?

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When was Brian Laundrie’s body found?

On October 20th 2021, Brian Laundrie’s body was found in Florida’s Myakkahatchee Park.

The FBI initially reported that “human remains” were found in the nature reserve in Western Florida, consisting of bones and part of a skull.

Days later, the remains were confirmed to be that of Brian Laundrie who law enforcement had been trying to locate for 33 days.

Police used dental records to confirm that it was Brian’s body as it was so decomposed that they couldn’t recognise his appearance.

He became a person of interest after his girlfriend Gabby Petito went missing whilst on a road trip across America.

Was a gun found nearby?

A gun was not found near Brian’s remains, and at the time of writing this, the firearm he used to kill himself remains unfound.

Some personal items were found with his body, including a backpack and notebook, but no weapons.

However, when Brian was reported missing in mid-September, his family were ordered to turn over all the firearms in their home to the FBI.

Sources close to the investigation have told Fox News that one of the guns was missing, but it is unclear whether this is the firearm Brian used to take his own life.

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Gabby’s family has not responded

Richard Stafford, an attorney for Gabby Petito’s family, has revealed that Gabby’s parents are “aware” of the autopsy results but are not willing to add additional information.

“The Schmidt and Petito family has been aware of the circumstances surrounding the suicide of the sole suspect in Gabby’s murder,” he said.

“Gabby’s family will not be making a statement at this time due to the request of the United States Attorney’s Office and the Teton County Prosecutor’s Office.”

The family has reportedly been asked not to make any comments so that the FBI can continue its investigation.

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