A Norwegian postal service ad is dominating talk on Twitter this week, and it’s melting the hearts of Christmas fans.

Titled ‘When Harry met Santa’, a nod to iconic rom-com ‘When Harry met Sally’, the advert airs around the 50th anniversary of Norway decriminalising homosexuality.

We’re breaking down the advert and revealing how Twitter users have reacted.

When Harry met Santa ad explained

An advertisement for Norwegian postal service Posten, the clip sees Christmas favourite Santa Claus find the man of his dreams, Harry.

The title is blatantly a reference to 1989 romcom, ‘When Harry met Sally’. Much like the 80s movie, the ad sees Harry and Santa meeting and reconnecting year upon year until they finally share a kiss.

Posten’s Christmas advertisement airs around the 50th anniversary of Norway decriminalising homosexuality, which happened in 1972.

Monica Solberg, marketing director at Posten, shared: “It is so nice to see that we have created a new tradition at Posten, looking into Christmas institutions and folklore from different perspectives, with a grand Christmas ad every year. And what better way to follow up last year’s angry Santa than with pure love this year?”

Photo by YANN SCHREIBER/AFP via Getty Images

Twitter reacts to Posten’s Christmas ad

‘When Harry met Santa’ has caused quite the stir on Twitter. Here’s what platform users had to say:

One person tweeted: “Loved it. so heartfealt and wonderful. makes you want to see a movie length version.”

Another wrote: “Beautiful sentiment.”

Somebody else took to Twitter: “Awh my heartttt.”

Another pointed out that, traditionally, Santa is married to Mrs. Clause. The user wrote: “Okay no big deal if Santa likes guys. But stepping out on Mrs.Clause. Christmas is cancelled in the North Pole Haha.”

Somebody else, referring to a popular Christmas song, tweeted: “First mommy, now Harry?!”

A further person took to Twitter: “Mrs. Claus is going to be p*ssed off when she gets some incriminating cell phone video from a disgruntled elf.”

Posten’s 2019 Christmas ad revisited

Posten have put their own twist on Christmas ads for years prior, including their 2019 take on ‘The Christmas Gospel’.

The Drum reports that the 2019 advert saw a ‘glimpse of Father Christmas’s darker and more vulnerable side’.

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