For a while, he’s been the Hart and soul. Sorry about that joke, that’s why Kevin’s the comedian.

The Hollywood icon has starred in a wealth of movies across his career, whether that’s Ride Along, Central Intelligence, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, or Fast & Furious presents: Hobbs & Shaw.

He continues to blaze a trail on the small screen too, having recently starred in the likes of Fatherhood for Netflix.

Speaking of which, the streaming service recently put out a TV series with him and Wesley Snipes in central roles. We follow a famous comedian who becomes entangled in family drama on one of his tour stops.

It has already earned acclaim from audiences, but is True Story with Kevin Hart renewed for season 2?


still from True Story trailer, Netflix

Is True Story with Kevin Hart renewed for season 2?

No, neither Netflix nor the creators have announced the True Story season 2 renewal, although there’s a perfectly good reason for that.

The project was billed as a limited series from the start; a contained piece of work.

With this in mind, there’s no reason to expect the streamer to resurrect it for further episodes down the line.

It’s perhaps not too surprising to hear there aren’t plans for season 2, especially considering there are some significant character deaths. As you’ll know, Carlton (Wesley Snipes) is killed.

Although, the protagonist – Kid (Kevin Hart) – survives, so perhaps it’s not worth ruling out entirely. As it stands, on the other hand, episode 7 is the end of the road.

True Story | Official Trailer | Netflix

True Story | Official Trailer | Netflix

“This is the complete opposite”

While in conversation with the New York Times, the interviewer told Kevin that he feels this is the darkest thing he’s done yet.

When asked why he wanted to pursue more sinister material, he replied:

“The goal was to present a side of my talent that would never be expected. The best way to do that was to kill. How do I kill on camera? Blunt, just like that. In entertainment, the joy is doing the things that you can never do in life.”

He continued: “Comedy has presented the opportunity to be funny in different ways. Buddy-cop movies. Action-adventure. It’s given me a world where I’ve been able to play and have fun. Well, this is the complete opposite.”

He reveals that he’s “still playing”, but that he’s able to get “dark as hell” for a refreshing change.

What’s next for Kevin Hart?

Although there’s no reason to anticipate a True Story follow-up, there’s still plenty more from the actor on the horizon.

Upcoming movies include The Great Outdoors, Borderlands, The Man from Toronto, Monopoly, DC League of Super Pets, and Back on the Strip.

He’s one of the most hardworking names in the game – what do you expect!

True Story is now streaming on Netflix.

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