The fans will really have to be patient on this one…

It’s always frustrating when a show goes on hiatus. You could be waiting just a week longer, a month longer; sometimes even longer than that.

Indeed, fans of The Good Doctor will be no stranger to a break in the schedule every now and then.

Developed by David Shore, the series – based on the 2013 South Korean series of the same name – began premiering back in 2017 and has since swept audiences up in the world of San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital.

We won’t be venturing through its doors for a while, so let’s address when The Good Doctor season 5 episode 8 is expected to air.

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When will The Good Doctor season 5 episode 8 air?

Although no specific date has been announced, The Good Doctor won’t return with season 5 episode 8 until spring 2022.

This was revealed by the forthcoming installment’s promo, so the earliest we can expect it back on the air is March.

Back in season 4, there was a break for around a month and a half after episode 5. That was the longest it went on hiatus during the previous season, so this is a particularly long wait, to say the least.

While the reason behind such a long absence hasn’t been announced, it’s likely that the cast and crew are working on new episodes after having filmed the early segment of the season. This isn’t actually as uncommon as it sounds.

Sure, it may be disheartening news to hear it won’t be back until spring, but hopefully, it’s worth the wait.

“It’s been very much us in our own bubble”

During a conversation on Good Morning America, Freddie Highmore (who plays Dr. Shaun Murphy) addressed that there are “a lot of twists” in store for audiences throughout the remainder of the season:

“There’s much more for Shaun to be confronting at the hospital too. There’s a very difficult force of nature who’s going to be thrown upon him in the hospital and it’ll be a battle to prove himself once more, and to prove his medical ability.”

He was also asked how the pandemic disrupted the experience of working aboard the show. Fortunately, it united them even more: “I know family sounds a little bit like a cliche and you probably get people saying that all the time but I think everything over the last year… it’s been very much us in our own bubble…”

This “brought [them] more together than ever before,” and the fans will surely be thrilled to see them when they’re eventually back on screens.

The Good Doctor | Season 5 Trailer

The Good Doctor | Season 5 Trailer

The fans react

Where would we all be without having a good moan sometimes?

The long hiatus has inevitably led some fans to hop on Twitter to vent their frustrations and to offer memes during this hard time. There’s some optimism too.

Check out a selection of tweets:

The Good Doctor returns in spring 2022.

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