The release date for the Iroh skin from Avatar The Last Airbender for SMITE has been announced and it will come as an early Christmas gift.

Before the final month of 2021 rolls around, there’s a bonus update set to arrive on November 30th. This isn’t anything truly remarkable but you may as well as check out the patch notes as it has a buff and dozens of nerfs for several items and beloved gods.

While the bonus update isn’t too remarkable, there’s plenty to anticipate for the month of December.

Smite | Atlas Cinematic Trailer

Smite | Atlas Cinematic Trailer

SMITE Iroh skin release date

The release date for the Iroh skin in SMITE is December 21st.

It is a character from Avatar The Last Airbender. A collaboration between the two properties previously happened in July 2020 with a Battle Pass and this featured Aang, Kurra, and Zuko.

Now fans will soon be able to play as the Dragon of the West. His arrival will take place only one week after the Titan of Cosmos update is delivered.

How to get the Iroh skin in SMITE

The Titan of Cosmos patch notes say that you will get the Iroh skin in SMITE through direct purchase.

Below are a list of all the other costumes you will be able to attain in December.

December 14th:

  • Cosmic Carrier Atlas (Standard recolour)
  • Ascended Atlas (Season Pass 2021 recolour)
  • Atlas Masteries (Mastery skins)
  • Burning Desire Aphrodite (Yulefest)
  • The Magnificent Sol (Yulefest)
  • Infinite Oracle Morgan Le Fay (Yulefest)
  • Little Helper Bastet (Yulefest)
  • Holo Halo Pele (Holo Halo Chest)
  • Noxius Naga Medusa (Noxious Chest)

December 21st:

  • Iroh Bacchus (Direct Purchase)
  • Curious Courier Chang’e (DLC)

December 28th:

  • Cyberblade Ameratsu (Yulefest)
  • Shadow Hunter Hachiman (Yulefest)
  • Stingpunk Ahmuzen Cab (Stingpunk Chest)
  • Void Sorcerer Yemoja (Dark Void Chest)

Yulefest event

The Yulefest event will begin on December 14th and its purpose is to celebrate the game’s many friendships during Christmas.

You will be able to bag six skins in total with two releasing every two weeks. Each cosmetic will boast a 25% discount and purchasing three costumes will reward you with the Little Helper Basket.

Buying all six skins will get you the Infinite Oracle Morgan Le Fay costume.

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