*WARNING: Spoilers ahead for New Amsterdam season 4 episode 10*

Season 4 of New Amsterdam has seen left at the titular hospital change like never before as key cast members have said their goodbyes while new arrivals have threatened the status quo.

After premiering back in September, New Amsterdam’s fall finale aired on November 23rd and it was an episode that could change the structure of the show in some huge ways forward.

But with no new episode set to air for some time, New Amsterdam fans have been left asking when episode 11 of season 4 is due to arrive on NBC.

New Amsterdam | Official Trailer | NBC

New Amsterdam | Official Trailer | NBC

New Amsterdam season 4 episode 10 recap

Episode 10 of New Amsterdam season 4 aired on NBC on November 23rd, 2021.

Titled Death is the Rule. Life is the Exception, the episode ended with the biggest shake-up in the show’s history.

As Max Goodwin and Helen Sharpe were saying their goodbyes to their New Amsterdam colleagues ahead of their move to London, the duo were called into action one last time.

An unexplained bacterial outbreak caused several patients to die and panic ensued across the hospital as staff attempted to uncover the cause.

With the lives of more patients hanging in the balance, it was finally revealed that the hospital’s ice machine was the cause of the outbreak while experimental drugs from the 1950s had to be used to cure those already infected.

When the matter finally got back under control, it really was time to say goodbye to Max and Helen as the episode ended with the duo departing New Amsterdam to start their new chapter in London.


New Amsterdam season 4 episode 11 preview

Episode 11 of New Amsterdam season 4 will air on Tuesday, January 4th, 2022 at 10/9c on NBC.

That’s right, fans will have to go without any new episodes for the entirety of December.

Next to no details have been revealed about the upcoming winter premiere but the episode promises to shake up the formula like never before.

A promo teaser shown at the end of episode 10 gave us a hint of what to expect in episode 11 as it showed Max and Helen embarking on their new lives in London.

A new chapter for Max and Helen

While fans have spent season 4 fearing that Max and Helen would be leaving ‘New Amsterdam the show’, viewers can take comfort in the fact that the couple are staying on the series despite leaving ‘New Amsterdam the hospital’.

Speaking to TV Insider about their future on the series, New Amsterdam’s executive producer David Schulner explained: “They’re going to London. It’s happening. We’re not fooling around.

“We’ve been talking about American healthcare for four years and Max is in favour of a system much like the NHS in the UK where healthcare is a human right and everyone is afforded healthcare as a part of being a citizen and even a noncitizen.

“So we get to talk about what’s good and what still can be done to help socialised healthcare. We get to talk about a whole new system that Max and Helen are going to be a part of.”


Season 4 of New Amsterdam continues on NBC with episode 11 at 10/9c on January 4th, 2022.

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