Connor McDavid and Lauren Kyle appeared on the latest episode of Architectural Digest where they showed off their gorgeous Alberta, Canada home.

Their three-story home includes a bar, a sports court where McDavid works on his hockey skills, a home gym, a two-person sauna and plenty of other exciting additions.

Here is everything we know about the house, and McDavid’s girlfriend Lauren Kyle who designed it…

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All about Connor McDavid’s stunning Canada home

The three-story house that McDavid and his girlfriend Lauren Kyle has Design Two Group build was spearheaded by Kyle. She is an interior designer and runs her own firm, Kyle and Co Design Studio.

Kyle described the house as “very sleek looking” with a lot of clean lines. She said: “There’s not a ton of ornate details. It’s very contemporary and at the same time has a little bit of traditional influence.”

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It was important to the couple that the house featured an open plan main floor, knowing that they would have to host a lot as McDavid is captain. He explained: “I think our house has kind of become the designated team party house.”

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Who is Lauren Kyle, Connor McDavid’s girlfriend?

Lauren Kyle boasts over 36 thousand followers on Instagram, where she shares life updates, selfies, and pictures with Connor McDavid, her boyfriend.

However, Kyle also runs her own interior design business called Kyle and Co Design, and also has a cookbook coming out soon called The Atelier Table.

Kyle and McDavid have been a couple since 2016 after they reportedly met whilst showing up to the wrong party for their friend’s birthday. The relationship was taken public in July 2016 after Kyle shared a photo of the two on them on her Instagram.

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