KSI‘s Amazon Prime documentary reveals that the star is off the market now after getting back together with his secret girlfriend. Here’s a look at his exes.

The Prime Energy Drink founder is making headlines as his documentary KSI: In Real Life hits the floors.

In the documentary, fans got to see a side of KSI they had never known before. The 29-year-old gets vulnerable like never before as he welcomes the cameras into his home.

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Who are KSI’s ex-girlfriends?

Despite the YouTuber’s best efforts to keep his love life offline, fans have managed to learn a thing or two about it.

Quite a lot is known about KSI’s relationship with his alleged high school sweetheart and fellow English internet personality named Seana Cuthbert.

The former couple reportedly dated since high school and broke up in 2014.

A report in Metro suggests that he later began dating someone named Lois Sharpe who appeared in a KSI’s now-deleted video entitled ‘Mauritius With My Girlfriend’.

The YouTuber was also briefly linked to model and social media star Nia Pickering. The two reportedly dated between 2018 to 2019. However, neither ever confirmed nor denied the alleged relationship.

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KSI is back with his girlfriend and wants to be a dad

The YouTuber’s achievement list is a long one. Not only is he one of the most well-known social media stars on the planet, but he is also a well-recognized musician. Added to this, he now also has experience in the boxing ring.

Moreover, he has gained some major business experience thanks to his and fellow YouTuber Logan Paul’s brand Prime.

However, in his documentary, he reveals that he’s most looking forward to being a dad.

As he gets back together with his unnamed girlfriend by the end of his Amazon Prime documentary, he is ready to move forward in life.

“This might be a bit soppy but I would like to be a dad, I want to see how good of a dad I can be,” he has expressed (per Daily Star). He also expresses how he would like to be a good role model and says his kids could talk to him about anything.

“He or she can talk to me about anything, relationships, sexuality, anything. I just want to be a dad, that would be really sick. That is a big goal for me.”

Fans react to KSI’s documentary

Many fans were left feeling emotional after watching the social media star’s documentary.

“Just finished watching JJ’s @KSI new Documentary. I gotta say this was very emotional, I was in tears when he cried. So happy that he reunited with his Dad and finally his Girlfriend,” one fan expressed.

“OMG the KSI documentary has got to be one of THE most genuine and beautiful things I’ve seen in a while,” a second person said.

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