Wrongly convicted Missouri man Kevin Strickland was released from prison on Tuesday, November 23, after 43 years. Here’s how you can donate to his Go Fund Me page.

As the former inmate braces to begin his new life, he thanked God for helping him through the tough times.

“I’m thankful for God walking me through this for 43 years, protecting me,” Kevin, who is wheelchair-bound now, he said outside Western Missouri Correctional Facility.

How to donate to Kevin Strickland’s GoFundMe

Those who wish to donate money to help Kevin can head to his GoFundMe page and select the ‘donate now’ option.

Besides donating money, another way to help the Missouri man is by sharing his story and the link to his GoFundMe with others. Click on the ‘share now’ option to do so.

Kevin is a 61-year-old who has spent more than 42 years in prison. His fundraiser on the platform is created by Tricia Rojo Bushnell.

So far 3,217 people have made the donation, with the total peaking at $237, 462, while the original target was $150,000.

The highest donation of $5,000 was made by an anonymous person.

Screenshot from Kevin Strickland’s GoFundMe

Why was the Missouri man in prison?

As per the recent ruling from the court, Kevin was wrongfully convicted of a triple murder in 1978 and imprisoned for more than 42 years.

This week, a judge ordered the immediate release of Kevin from state custody, after spending 15,487 days behind bars.

Lawyers working for the Midwest Innocence Project, who worked for months to help free Kevin, were “ecstatic” about the news.

Kevin has maintained his innocence since his arrest at the age of 18. The Missouri native was sentenced in 1979.

The 61-year-old has faced the longest wrongful incarceration in the state’s history, but he is unlikely to receive any financial compensation under Missouri law.

According to data from the National Registry of Exonerations, it would also be the seventh-longest wrongful sentence acknowledged in the history of the United States.

Screenshot from Kevin Strickland’s GoFundMe

Other ways to help the wrongfully convicted

There are many other places where people can donate in order to help the wrongfully convicted.

One of the ways is by contacting lawmakers, local prosecutors and police departments to bring up the wrongful convictions and ask about policies in place to prevent them. Public pressure can be an important tool in such cases.

Another way is to donate to the likes of Midwest Innocence Project, After Innocence, and other nonprofits working for the cause.

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